Thinking about joining.


I've been thinking of joining the Royal Navy for a while now but would like to find a little more information before I go any further, I know I can go to a careers office and find all the info out but would like to go there a bit more wise than I currently am if you like. I've looked on the Royal Navy website numerous times. Will be very grateful for any genuine help to the following questions and if you have any more info please let me know.

Thank you in advance.

* If I was to join the navy as a warfare specialist what sort of career could I go into when I was to leave the navy?

* Is there a current waiting list, if so how long is it?

* I read on the navy website that you may be posted on land rather than sea sometimes, what would I be doing if I was posted on land?

* What career would you recommend going for?

* How do you find being away from family/mates?

* When posted on board a ship, what is the main objective for the ship usually?

* How long is a typical tour?

* When on board what do personnel usually do in their spare time?

* How likely is it that I'll be based onboard for most of my career in the navy? (I'd like to be onboard a ship rather than land)

* Are you paid for your time off between tours?

Again thank you for any advice you can give, sorry it's a bit of an essay.


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You missed a question..."How do I use the 'search' function?" I'm sure some of those questions will already have been asked...


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I'd advise you ring 08456 07 55 55 to have a chat with someone and get yourself booked-in for a presentation at your local AFCO. There's no obligation to join & you can reel off as many questions as you can muster after the presentation (which answers most of them).

Most of the answers you'll get on here, helpful though intended, are based on personal experience and not necessarily representative of what you may encounter first hand. Waiting lists vary, Warfare Spec is a couple of years at present, WS (Mine Warfare), a quarter of that.

When shore-side nowadays, you are most likely to be undertaking professional courses in preparation for you next seagoing draft and subsequent career progression.

I would most probably recommend a different career to the next person, depending on your personal circumstances, interests and background/ambition.

Ships are individually tasked as required, there is no "typical" scenario, separation issues vary from person to person depending on background prior to joining & relationships whilst serving. You should join in the expectation of spending six months deployed every 15-18 months with month-long trips away from base port alternate months - approx 60/40 Baseport/Away.

Six weeks paid leave a year.


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Thanks ninja, very helpful. I recently read somewhere that due to cuts etc. navy recruitment isn't exactly 'booming' is there any truth in that?
Depends what you mean by booming. There are plenty of jobs available and waiting times for 'most' (not all) branches is under 12 months, so it's "all systems go" for those wishing to join.

The number of applications is down (it often is at this time of year), so now is as good a time to join as any.