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Hello everyone,
Looking for some advice. I was in the army (infantry) from 2012-2017 and left as a lcpl. After 2 years on civvy street i've realised how much i miss a military lifestyle and although i could re join the army i've been seriously considering trying something different and giving the navy a shot. i would like to try something hands on and was wondering what warfare specialist would be like? also are there any roles an ex infantry soldier would enjoy doing?
I'm 26 now, do you get many recruits joining at this age? also i'm well aware the navy will have their fair share of shit jobs i know its not always doing the job you signed up for and i will be doing boring everyday tasks but i can't stand being on civvy street much longer.


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Unless you can walk on water there's not much use for the Infantry in the RN :) Joking aside use the search box at the top of the page all of your questions have been answered a number of times.


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@..lh..86 Just a suggestion. Seeing as you're considering a new direction for your career why not go for something that is likely to provide you with qualies to take back to civvie street. You're still a young enough dog at 26 to learn new tricks.
P.S. The only similarities between khaki and navy blue are that they are both uniformed services.:)

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