Thinking about joining RNP


Im currently on at year a year long waiting list having completed my PJFT but have always been interested in the military police and have seen the RNP is short on recruits atm and I know there is a thread about the RNP but I'm more interested in the actual job.

I understand the whole 'maintain discipline and police the Navy' description of the job but what is the actual reality of the job?
Like what do you do?
What is the rate of promotion like?
Do you get transferable skills for after Naval life?
Are you unconditionally hated even if you aren't a d*ck?
Is it considered a 'good' job?

Honest opinions appreciated!


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Get used to saying "conduct prejudicial to good order and service discipline". It should roll off the tongue.

I'm not a serving crusher so can only comment from a general perspective. is a good thread. The information pdf mentions transferable skills/recognised quals.

After around 25 weeks of training you'll be a Leading Regulator so already starting off at a higher rate. After that promotion is based on merit (to RPO "Regulating Petty Officer" , CPO(MAA) "Chief Petty Officer Master-at-Arms and WO(MAA)" Warrant Officer Master-at-Arms") . Also, I believe commissioned RN police officers are (currently) only selected from within the branch, so no competition from "outside"

Lots of RNP work on/from bases, I believe larger vessels also have at least one (usually a RPO on a frigate?).

Ashore you would mostly deal with discipline (Queen's Regulations for the Royal Navy, Armed Forces Act - covers a wide range of offences) and cooperate with civvie police on any criminal/civil matters involving RN personnel. At sea, the RNP and the CO are basically the law, at least until you get to port and civilian authorities can take over. I believe RNP also advise command on proper detention/searching of any captured "fishermen".

As for perception of the branch - you're not going to win any popularity contests and your shipmates from other branches will (initially) be very wary of you. As I see it, if they're doing nothing wrong and are upholding our professional standards then they shouldn't have anything to worry about. RNP are just doing their job, discipline is hugely important to the armed forces. Unfortunately not everyone will see it that way.

Hopefully someone from the branch will comment/elaborate further/correct me, or maybe your AFCO can put you in touch with someone in the branch.
...Hopefully someone from the branch will comment/elaborate further/correct me...

If there are any here they might...

[FWIW RR once included a senior member of that much-maligned Branch. A frequent contributor and what a jolly chap this then serving RN Policeman appeared to be - Almost human...but he turned out to be all too human.
Having gained the benefit of a free book from RR he duly posted his Review of it on this site.

But, passed off as all his own work, it soon became obvious that he had stolen 95% of a genuine review by "A N Other" at Amazon.

Moral? Draw your own conclusions, he no longer graces this site with his presence.]
You will need two. One to read the post and the other to type/wtite a response...given that they can cobble together a response between them.....:) ;)
@DorsetDan - Branch choice: I'd imagine that you have already carefully researched your chosen branch, even with it's 'year long wait', which one is it?

Other branches with a much shorter waiting time may present an enticing alternative to someone desperately keen on any RN career.

But I'd suggest a much closer re-examination of your reasoning for your 1st choice before thinking of swapping mounts in the RN Steeplechase Stakes.