Think yourselves lucky

I had my final briefing today for going to Raleigh in July. It went well.

I am going in as meteoroligist/hydrographer, so have been waiting over a year for this.

On the way home I got a ph call from the recruiter saying my eyesight and medical exams have expired.

So they have to be done again.

So everyone else can think themselves lucky only having one medical!
None really, there just seems to be so much stressing on these message boards about the medicals.

To be honest, i wasn;t stressed at the first one.
Just a hoop to be jumped through mate, thats all :)
I had to go back to be weighed again after I was told to lose some.
I had been swimming every day apart from Sundays for roughly 12 years (swam for London many moons ago) and had also been playing regular rugby on Both Saturday and Sundays for 6 years too (School and Saracens). How much fat do you think I had on me, lol :D
Even the doctor said "good luck losing the weight, your gonna need it" which was all very well for him to say, I was the one trying to join up!
Managed to do it by nearly starving myself, great way to get into the mob!

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