Think you're good enough to be a WAFU

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by noemis, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. Try THIS!

    Apparently used to train USAF fighter pilots! Maybe, but fun anyway!
  2. I did not see any clicky beds sunning on the flightdeck at all, how can it train Wafu's
  3. Good point, well made!
  4. Easy got 18.422 on the second go.

    I just read that a USAF Pilot is expected to last 2 minutes, not so easy!
  5. Git!!!!
  6. 20.812 on 1st
  7. 27.1 on the 3rd attempt, abysmal 1.72 on the 1st and not much better on the 2nd
  8. Double Git!!!

    I think using the laptop with its mouse pad rather than mouse isn't helping. I reach the edge of the pad and have to lift my finger at just the wrong moment. That's my excuse anyway!!!
  9. Oh give over!! Right, I'll fire up the old desktop in the morning!! 2 minutes here I come! :thumright:
  10. I think thats more than a valid excuse!
  11. using a lappy noemis, fair enough with a laser mouse :w00t:
  12. Thats my excuse too, just keep running out of pad. I think im going to have to invest in a joypad, its addictive!

    Best time so far 25.629.
  13. Show off!! But BZ anyhow!

    Dusting off the old mouse as we speak!
  14. 28 seconds first go! i got around 25 every try after that lol
  15. Best so far for me is 16.385. Must do better.
  16. 19.93, rubbish. That said, who wants to be a WAFU anyway?
  17. Took me 4 attempts to get past 5 secs, and I passed pilot aptitude!!!
  18. Are you all having a laugh? After thirty seconds the pattern repeats and although it's a little faster, once you see it it's easy (ish)
    Just relax, avoiding the Jimmy in your deckchair is a lot more taxing.
  19. 56 seconds...

    Trick is not to move it too far outside of the middle and only make small movements, that way it really is easy.

  20. Way to make me feel completely inadequate!! ^_^;

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