Think you're good enough to be a WAFU


Lantern Swinger
blimy said:
20.812 on 1st
Double Git!!!

I think using the laptop with its mouse pad rather than mouse isn't helping. I reach the edge of the pad and have to lift my finger at just the wrong moment. That's my excuse anyway!!!


Lantern Swinger
leeblease said:
Thats my excuse too, just keep running out of pad. I think im going to have to invest in a joypad, its addictive!

Best time so far 25.629.
Show off!! But BZ anyhow!

Dusting off the old mouse as we speak!
Are you all having a laugh? After thirty seconds the pattern repeats and although it's a little faster, once you see it it's easy (ish)
Just relax, avoiding the Jimmy in your deckchair is a lot more taxing.

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