Things you remember from the old days

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Merlin28, Jun 1, 2011.

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  1. Similar to the tread on Arrse what do you remember from your childhood?

    Mine are:
    my dads first car phone and him letting me phone home to ask mum for a cup of tea as we were nearly home.
    Answering the telephone with your telephone number as if they didn't know
    Making sure the wood on the TV matched the rest of the furniture in the house before buying it.
    Mum having a display cabinet filled with plates and cups that we never used because they were expensive.
    Grandad smoking a pipe
    Having a Pen Pal in france
    Wagon Wheels being bigger and also monster munch
    Prawn Salad was really posh as was eating at the Harvester
    A plastic orange crisps and dip thing that was always brought out at dinner parties
    My dad making his own beer
    Airfix models everywhere and the smell of the glue
    Climbing trees and daring each other to see who would jump from the highest branch.
    Running around the woods making bases and attacking the enemy with branches for guns and stones for grenades.
    Getting my first mobile phone which took AA batteries in 1997
    Getting excited about owning a mobile which had a rechargeable battery and the game snake which I completed after a few months.

    Probably loads more I have forgotton.
  2. Steam Radio! listening with mum to housewifes choice, dick barton, riders of the range, journeyinto space, paul temple and steve , billy cotton band show, take it from here, life with the lyons, beyond our ken, i.t.m.a.I could fill the whole thread f.f.s. Running round Chase and Penyard woods all summer with a green river sheath knife on the right side of my belt and a small throwing axe on the left.[Todays plod would deploy an a.r. u.] Listening to radio luxemburg[however its spelt] Styling my hair into a d.a. wearing yellow socks, and drinking Bulmers Woodpecker Cider. Winning my first cross country race, and not least my first heavy snogging session in Ross on Wye Churchyard. My first leg over came a bit later, this fcuking nostalga is not what it used to be, I feel quite emotional now.:sad4: On re- reading I see that I've given the caps key a rest;- oh well:slow:
  3. Buying scrumpy at 1 shilling a pint 1 shilling and a peny for best scrumpy .Light n bitter in the ship anson and critereon the lennox jessie (tattooist) professor rex zeta another tattooist the naval school of dancing union street the avondale and oggie shop next door.Duty watch bar fountain lake jetty .The dockyard bogs where i and others used to skive off to on friday to get away early on weekend blue liners tickler etc.dockyard bar pompey many a pint sank in there aggie westons traf club jolly sailor greasy spoon portland .Just a few of my memories of my past.Fondly remembered and talked about a lot between friends .My time in aden singers hong kong bornio even scotland all impanted in my head .i wish i could have them days back instead of the shit days we have now
  4. Things I remember as a kid...B/W tv with 2 channels. Mesh box stuck on the wall in the back yard
    for fresh food, as no fridge. My dad going on the beat, Dixon a dock green style.
    Getting caned , very often at school. Many more but don't want to bore you all.:sleepy2:
  5. Wish I remember the past as fondly as you les. Must admit I'm the complete opposite - the past was shit and the present is (marginally) better. I think I'm fairly rare in that view though.
  6. I remember going to school for the first time.Was not impressed and informed my Mum I would not like to repeat the experience.My Dad's Ford Prefect Reg No.MOX 676.Sunday School outings to Weymouth and Weston super Mud.Sitting outside the Pub with my bottle of Vimto and packet of Smith's Crisps while Mum and Dad pissed up inside.Our first Telly in 1955.Birdseye Fish Fingers shortly after their introduction in the UK
  7. Decimalisation when I was at school. Each table was given a mixture of brand new shiney coins with the biggest and bestest coin being 50p and the smallest naffest coin being a 1/2p. I liked the 50p so much I tried to nick it but was caught red handed when trying to make good my escape at the sound of the bell.

    Bad for me - good for my dad who so fancied the arse of Miss Smith
  8. Getting the cane at school for topping up the water bags that hung around the playground, with tap water instead of from the tank.
    Mom meeting us at dinner time with a Pie or Pasty on a greaseproof sheet with lashings of Rosella.
    Days out in the bush with my mates and a rifle, hunting Rabbits, finding Yabbies for bait, bringing home bluey's.
    Fuckin of quickly when snakes appeared, getting in the woodpiles looking for witchetty grubs and finding red backs.
    A trip to UK when I was 7 coming on 8 (1957/8) and seeing television for the first time, and my paternal grandparents.
    Picture houses as none where I lived, and going to films in the town hall in Oz wearing Pj's.
    First fish and chips at age 8 and then going back to Oz and missing TV and fish and chips.
    Mom cooking on a wood stove, the fridge freezer running on Kerosene, the electric being switched off every night at 9 pm, as it was generated by the railway loco shed which closed at that time.
    Having to close the front gates every month as they drove the sheep through to the pens to ship em out, stock men with whips as long as two cars, rain on galvanized tin roofs.
    Moving to Manchester age 13 and thinking there was no grass in the north.
    Main road watching all Man U home games.
    Moving to Tamworth for a few weeks then joining the Andrew age 15 and a couple of months. Just old enough to avoid Ganges.

    I remember very well my parents getting called to my first English school as I wrote an essay and was told it did not give enough information about where I came from.
    What area in the town you lived in, did you live in?
    So I put it in, and that's where the trouble started in 1960's Britain.
    You see there were only two districts where I lived, very unofficial but very firmly in place,
    Sheep shit ally and Cow shit plains.
  9. Teenager in the 70's: Worst music ever (until Punk arrived) - even worse than that 50's crap; some of the worst fashion ever, only surpassed by these idiots who wear their trousers hanging halfway down their thighs these days; underachieved at school; discovered women (and Fiona T****s wouldn't let me go beyond sticky fingers); started watching Plymouth Argyle; joined the Navy; thought I knew it all and was the sort of youth I despise these days (which is, admittedly, most of them); parents divorced; constantly (deservedly) smacked by local bikers for gobbing off; West Germany coming back from 2-0 down in '70 World Cup - and THAT Poland game a few years later; visited Rosyth.

    That's just the tip of my miserable memories...

    Pick a winner from that lot!
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  10. From childhood it was making airfix kits on caravan holidays because it was always pissing down,
    Getting the cane and shitting myself in case my parents found out,
    Being dragged out of bed to watch Winston Churchills funeral on a tiny black and white telly (and my dad made me stand upright when watching it)
    Supacar, Fireball XL5, Thunderbirds on the B/W telly
    Rich kids at school who had Johnny7 guns
    Action Man (the originals) and the uniforms of the world you could put him in
    Having a bathroom extension built so we didn't have to use the tin bath in front of the fire any more.
    Shedloads more but I'm boring myself now.
  11. Listening to 'Sing something simple' on Sunday night 1900, being the first house in our village to get a telly ( only 22 houses) no one speaking to me mam cos we had a telly, cup final day they were all knocking on the door to ask if they could watch the match.
    Agog at my 6 elder brothers coming home on their first leave in uniform, first ship draft HMS Forth in Singers..................
  12. Old Carthusians v Old Etonians? Can't find the smillie things.
  13. Childhood - Trying to convert my home made bogie into a glider, and trying to hitch it to my dad's car to get a tow. Getting the tar beaten out of me for breaking my brother and sisters see-saw despite honest protestations that I hadn't done it. Getting to drive my dad's car round the perimeter of Milltown Airfield (Austin A30). Christmas 1973, My dad raiding the leccy workshops of 706 Squaron in Culdrose and cobbling together enough components for me to build my first Crystal Set
    Adolescence - Copping a feel of my 1st girlfriend and getting kneed in the pods and chucked for it. Finding out that weedkiller, sugar, and petrol mixed in the right quantities will blow holes in concrete paving. 1st shag - a certain young lady's boudoir while parents were out, she put Led Zepplin III on the deck and we both broke our skin's to "No Quarter" - still gives me a boner when I hear it even now.
  14. Going to me Dad's parents in Lancashire - a 10 hour train journey - we were on there that long, people were brewing their own beer before Totnes.
    Finding a Guzz accent in Lancashire made you the local equivalent of a Martian - they just hadn't met one before (and vice versa).
    The funny smell of me Dad's Khaki Army uniform when he came home on leave.
    Trips in my Uncles boat - all round Guzz and the surrounding area - and it was free.
    Being sea sick for the first time - I wouldn't wish that on my mother in law (or would I ?)
    The sadness of being dumped by a bird for the first time.
    The joy of having your own dog - and the love he gave you in return.
    Better go before the Blackthorn induced haze makes me give away more hidden secrets. (Hic !)
  15. Childhood --short trousers and skinned knees.Birds nesting and my egg collection. No sweets untill they came off ration in about 1950
    First Tv and muffin the mule on the childrens hour -one tv in the street we got to watch, Saturday mornings kids film shows at the local cinema.
    Doing a paper delivery before going to school each day .My Dads chickens and rabbits in the garden that we kept as a food source !

    Happy days really -no one had money so it was a great leveller .

  16. Listening to the 'Reddifusion' radio on Sundays, Clitheroe Kid, Navy LArk and the like.
    Then B/W tele.
    Big boys school where I learned the 'fuck' word!!!!!
    More girls.
    Playing truant to listen to the 60's music!
    Listening to my uncle Jacks tales of daring do on FPB's and going to Gunner House in Newcastle to join up.
  17. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    This is like opening 'Pandora's Box'.....all same as Jesse and Lesbryan, then add....Listening to Neville Camberlain saying 'we are at war with Germany. Hanging out of my bedroom window watching the searchlights trying to find the enemy bombers, special excitement when you saw one. The scramble to try and pick up schrapnel..2oz sweets to last all week. Going to live near Hamburg after the war. Watching one of the last War crimes trials, Field Marshall Erich von Manstein, sat in the court with headphones on listening to all the interpreters. Touring ,as a 15 year old, in a CSEU play around the services camps in West Germany.....What momentous days those were.
  18. Change Union Street for Commercial and Albert Roads add the Sea Horse Bar then everything he's said. In spades.:-D
  19. Wondering why the sea in Gib was nice n warm yet in Cornwall feckin cold.
    Winstons funeral
    World cup in '66
    Olympics in '60, '64 etc
    And that nice man Neil Armstrong stepping onto the moon on my birthday!
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  20. :laughing2: :thumright: :brushteeth:

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