things you have wanted to do?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by ship_rat, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. hi all
    things you have wanted to do?
    I have always wanted to get layed on a beach! :oops: don't ask me why it is just something I have wanted to do.
  2. Let Billy Piper use my tongue for bog roll :)

    seriously, ride across America on a hog ;)
    Then do the same in NZ and Oz
  3. Last time I did that Ship_rat it ended in tears...

    Where is the most exciting place you have managed to get your leg over?

    As for something I have always wanted to do- my sex fantasy is to pull Ricky Gervais.
  4. "no comment"
  6. Sara is that tears as in crying or tears that rhymes with pears, just wondering how rough the sand would have to be to do that, more on the gentleman i should imagine.
  7. Boring!!

    Mine was in a cupboard, in school... with the teacher.
  8. Been around a bit then Sara.
  9. Crying. The chappy (my ex) stole my clothes and left me on the beach, I woke up to find myself surrounded by a yoga class... Now usually I would laugh it off but I was working at the hotel (and it was the hotel's private beach I was found naked on), I got fired, sniffle!
  10. Not so much getting around, just dragging my man around.. pillar to post, beach to cupboard, areoplane to golf course. But this was back in the day Hig! I am all grown up and dull these days. Double sniffle.

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