Things that pee you off !!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by whitemouse, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. Go to my motor on Saturday night, and discover some moronic, inbred, bunch of b'stards have decided to run and climb all over my car to get to a sub-station roof.
    Managed to get the worst of the dents out, but the damage is there now, no doubt the value has been lost come part exchange time.

    No good complaining to the local ASB in the Labour controlled council offices, because they're a waste of time, sucking the taxes into more pay rises for them selves.
    Can't sort the b'stards out myself, cos I'm not allowed to, and no use going the legal way, cos it's these morons Yooman rites (I'd like to give them some of these !!) to destroy property - and they'd also get a free holiday to Antigua ...... on my taxes!!

    Grrrr :evil:
  2. Warzone. Enough said really (rolls eyes). Ahh the joys of Blairite Britain, whitemouse.
  4. The goverment bolloxing up the armed forces with their money grabbing and underfunding , but at the same time upping the workload. It is about time the rest of Europe/civilised world got off their cowardly backsides and gave the usual suspects a hand , or is that too much to wish for. Brown was on news last night offering to send RN ships to patrol Gaza coast , does he really think we have the ships/manpower to keep up with everything we are tasked for at the present.....that all pee's me off... :evil:
  5. The fact that India and France have got bigger fleets than that does" PEE ME OFF "!!! :censored:
  6. Bankrolling the banks! :pissedoff:
  7. Same meat different gravy mate!!
  8. I agree rubberdagger , I work with them now..LOL...
  9. And the gravy still has lumps in :D 8O
  10. People who park outside my office with blue badges everyday and have f**k all wrong with them and the traffic wardens who do f**k all about it


  11. And Gordon bloody Broon gave India our money ....... !!! :evil:

  12. Uninformed comments. :p
  13. Numptys calling for an ambulance cos they hurt their little toe! Aw bless.
  14. Effing council tax.
  15. The twats who leave their dogs outside the shopping precinct barking cos they're missing their owner, then get all pissed off when you remind them that they're pissing the residents off. Easier to annoy us off than their neighbours, I spose. I bought a shotgun today - stay tuned !!!!!!
  16. People :shakefist:
  17. The BBC. And people who say " My god, what on earth are you going to do? There's no jobs!" When they find out you're leaving the mob.
  18. French pirates who post childishly abusive messages on a Current Affairs forum generally recognised by the more intellectual members of RR to be for the serious discussion of recent newsworthy topics. But don't worry, French pirates can't cope with long sentences (penal or grammatical).

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