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So it was you we were talking to in the back bar of that dive in Shanklin? :rolleyes:
I think that was more likely to have been @Stirlin.

Although, as it happens, the gentlemen of the Bargoed Male Voice Choir called into the White Lion at Arreton a couple of years ago on the way back to the ferry after a singing engagement in Shanklin. Great guys, and I happily joined in with their version of "Sixteen Tons". When they finished, one said to me: "You lead now, boy." Gulp. Without really thinking, I started "Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah" and they instantly followed. The bar rattled with the vibrations. The hair still prickles on the back of my neck when I think of it; what a privilege to have been invited to sing with them.

By the way, did Ifor Williams get a K for making trailers?

Edit: Bugg*r. Beaten by @taffscrivs by minutes!


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I don’t know of any connection between the scholar of ancient Welsh manuscrips and the trailer-maker, I’ll leave that to the genealogists.

I used to be a member of London Welsh Male Voice Choir and your description of the choir in the pub would fit us, too. We never overlook the opportunity for a singsong. I remember doing a concert at the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea, and as we were climbing the spiral staircase to the bar afterwards, one of my oppos said, in a thick South London accent, “we could do a good In Nomine Jesu on this staircase!” So we did - the echo was just right for 15th century polyphony!


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Very rich-sounding church music that needs acoustics that keep the sound hanging in the air for a bit after you stop singing.

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