Things that p**s you off - post your rants

Sorry. Things that p**s you off part 2.

Why is it that most of the drivers in Dundee are colour blind? A couple of cars will still go through the lights when they have turned red on just about every set of traffic lights.

They are not all Audi or BMW drivers either!

Bit like Italy. I asked a local Brit why the drivers in Bari seemed to ignore traffic lights. He said: "Not true. Red means go, green means proceed with caution."
WP_20180227_22_03_43_Pro.jpg WP_20180227_22_03_28_Pro.jpg wait for the morning Plymouth completely at a stand still, when they wake up to white stuff everywhere. Work today reiterated the phone number to call to see if the site is open in bad weather ?
I'm only on the other side of the Tamar and there's bugger all snow!
Drove in this morning as I left my area of town, no snow, came down quite heavy where I live, view out of window over to Kernow is clear green fields, people asked where I lived as my car roof was covered in snow, how bazaar the weather can be?
Few years ago I drove from Guzz to Farnborough in the snow, when I got into the office it was empty, all the Farnborough locals had declared themselves snowed in WTF I thought, retired to hotel swimming pool and sauna?
Living in Sarf Lunnon, it was weird to be out earlier and have the bright sun warming my back, through my greatcoat, while the otherwise blue sky was shedding loads of snow!
A number of years ago I drove from Fife across to Faslavatory through snow and blizzards. When I got into the office it was nearly empty. Apparently the snowflakes living in Helensburgh and Dumbarton were snowed in! Cue a rapid exit from yours truly to go back home. If they could not be arsed from a few miles away, why the fek should I stay there??

Saying that, I am "working" from home today as its quite bad in Dundee and my car is stuck down at the bottom of my road. We never ever get a gritter up our road.


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Blue skies and sunshine in Dorset, grandson managed to come off of his M/cycle last night, to be fair to him the roads were like glass at -4. To his credit (fool hardyness?) he got back on and continue his journey home. Mrs j wasn't amused when I asked if the bike was OK and as an afterthought asked if he had any injuries, I was then dispatched to find him and follow him home, luckily there weren't many bikes on the road.
What a difference 1/2 hour makes office car park WP_20180228_10_53_14_Pro.jpg
Wife says it's worsening at home, I asked her to pop out and grit up to my parking bay, I think from the reply she said no?