Things that p**s you off - post your rants

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Oil_Slick, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. MY current rant?

    The handwaving idiot mimes they keep putting up on SKY and BBC late at night!

    If you're deaf turn the fvcking volume up or turn on the subtitles!!!!!!!

    FFS, they even have one of the mimes on Kerang! late at night! I mean, what's the point of signing music lyrics when you can't hear the tune?!?

    Funny as fvck though watching some 50 year old bint trying to keep up with the lyrics of some speed metal song.
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  2. Some of them make the weirdest faces as well.
  3. People who rant in public

    rant over

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  4. Mr Tumble.
    (If you had kids you'd want to skin the twat too)
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  5. Now now Nutty, freedom of rant etc.

    My personal pet hate, grossly overated Christmas along with all the Christmas goodies appearing on the shelves in September.

    End of rantex end of broadcast.
  6. Going out to collect a missed delivery parcel... and missing another 2 deliveries in the process.
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  7. fcukwits that insist on driving at 20mph below the speed limit on roads where you cant overtake thus causing hugh fecking tailbacks.

    Feckers that insisit on driving in broad daylight with foglights on instead of headlights.
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  8. F*ckwits who want me to drive faster than I need to just because they want to drive like a lunatic
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  9. and another thing crabman.
    i find it harder and harder to get a decent nativity scene for my garden.
    but if i want a snowman, santa or winnie the poo dressed in a festive manner
    i have a choice of hundreds.
  10. Personally I hate those fecking 'Loan' ads on the tele normally fronted by that po faced bint Carol Vorderman. The people in the ads are so happy to be paying back a small fortune for a small loan. That bitch Vorderman is on every bloody channel as well it seems!
  11. That would be Carol (I've got £40 mil in the bank so I understand your money problems) Vorderman…
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  12. I think it's funny how they think the deaf are always up at stupid o'clock in the morning just to watch tv lol

    I don't really have a full on rant as such yet. Just little things currently annoying me like society today not supporting the boys and girls currently serving and respecting those who have served.

    and petrol prices are stupidly high when there is no need for them to be
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  13. How can you say those things?? Carol is the bestest on the box.
    I hate people who go to Morrisons just to stand and chat in the aisles
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
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  14. Toyota Prius cars.
    For some reason they just do my head in and I feel like ramming them; haven't go a reasonable explanation for this hatred.
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  15. every xmas...a new 'NOW THIS IS AN XMAS ALBUM' etc etc etc....every f**kin year they bring a 'new' one out...but its the same as last years and the years before...only theyve chaged around where some of the songs are.....
  16. oh and tesco....everyone in tesco goes into subhuman mode they just wander around staring into space...leaving trollies in your way...MOVE BA**STARDS MOVE!
  17. I just hate people who rant on about people ranting on!

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  18. Can't stand "RANTISTS"

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  19. Well going swimming is pretty hard... as its full of silly buggers standing and talking... wtf talk in the coffee shop NOT the pool you sad gits..
    And how come Im not alowed in the over 50's time zone because they cant deal with us youngsters swimming and playing YET the over 50's STILL come in the non over 50's....
    And what about the daft bints that swim with make up on and dont get thier hair WET.......

    oh my ....... Im on a RANT RAMPAGE...... think I should go lay down with some chocolate ...
  20. Toy Poodles! .. People who don't use their eyes or mirrors when driving - any .com advert - kids in pubs - over priced christmas crap - my job - christmas crap piled in the aisles in ANY supermarket - Wightlink - Gordie Brooon - Salvation Army Bands - Big Issue sellers (go and get a job) -

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