things that annoy me and what I do

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by golden_rivet, Sep 17, 2007.

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  1. Jenny going on about her pregnancy

    Josie going on about how lovely kids are

    women being stupid enough to refer to themselves as splits

    people who make no attempt to spell or rite proper

    gay bashers

    people who read the Daily Mail

    people who quote the Daily Mail

    people who seem to think that the Royal Family can do no wrong

    people who think the Royal Family give a toss about anyone else

    people who pretend to be Librarians when they aren't yet!!!!!

    people who drink too much

    the forces for encouraging men to behave like prats and for their part in the destruction of family life

    the forces for encouraging alcohol consumption ...

    I could go on and on and on ... but I won't. Well kiddies when I'm annoyed here's what I do, sometimes I post something cross, sometimes I take the piss out of them, sometimes I laugh inside, sometimes I cry inside, so many possibilities ... sometimes I even do more than one of them.

    I don't send people nasty PMs and I don't try to get them banned, I try to have my arguments in the open where the cold light of reason can be shone on them and not resort to sneaky abusive PMs (you know who I mean!)

    you see - we are grown up, not in kindergarten ...

    such a pity so many people don't behave like that on here ...

    :threaten: :rendeer:

    :hug: AAC
  2. You want to stop smoking that stuff ....
  3. Cor Golden
    I recognise myself on many of the items on your list.
    Please can I have a gold star.
  4. So what exactly is wrong with reading the Daily Mail, as opposed to believing what you read in it or even quoting it. I read it, as well as the Times, Telegraph, Independent and looking at the pictures in the Sun (living in has got to have some advantages!)
  5. I can see GR that you need a good turking to, sorry talking to. :w00t:
  6. Had a good day on the South Coast yesterday then I notice.

  7. Wots wrong wiv librians?
  8. an i fort it wer spellt Book-keeper.

  9. G R Don't hold back kidder, tell us what you really think!

    I see I score quite high on your "gets on yer t**s" list. Do I get a prize?
  10. Best have a cuddle with Colin :w00t:

  11. ooh- thats me then- you know i argue in open GR!!!
  12. A paragon of virtue and no mistake.How are you with split infinitives?
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    For "chancrebosun", Read "Norman". Please do not reply to his dross.
  14. well errrr ok,,,, no more recipes for you then
  15. Just finished a bottle of Aussie Bear Crossing (14% - Cabernet - Shiraz) and two bottles of Tubourg (beautiful). Nice and tidy and ready for bed with a quick read of 'Sniper One' by Dan Mills.
  16. You just 'avin a bad Monday then GR

    You've got the rest of the week to go yet :bball: :bball:

    :nemo: :nemo:

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