Things I hate...


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Fair point Bill, woman says she is too embarssed to go to her Doctor with her "problem" next thing she is flashing her snatch at 5 million strangers.


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The "last 50" on here not working. Plus concur with BNM and Sharkey, if your too embarrassed to visit the doc's how come you can you flash your gash on the telly and let everyone see?


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From the wordsmith Blackadder, when you are packiing the sort of tackle you normally see swinging about between the back legs of a grand national winner"


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Have you EVER tried standing on the seat of an office swivel chair, with your trousers and underpants round your feet, whilst simultaneously trying to wrench your butt-cheeks apart to show the world (and its Channel 4 Doctor) the grisly contents of your poop-shoot whilst ALSO trying to hold a fu**ing laptop with a 17 inch screen (with built-in webcam)as steady as possible in order to get a good bit of video footage to upload for their next programme? If you fancy giving it a go - get your application in 'cos I'm sure this prime-time medical entertainment show will be back. (I just tried it and my line manager has issued me with a written warning and banned me from the tea-boat for a month).Maverick Television: Embarrassing Bodies: Live from the Clinic


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That's awful witsend, are you actually saying that she did not know who you are and welcome to the real world.

If you don't like raisins remove them or if it's the peanuts that offend remove them, but easiest of all don't ******* buy mixed bags. I know that transition where you have to start thinking for yourself is difficult but given time you should get the hang of it.

What is this mythical 'real' world you dribble on about?

Another case of you bumping your gums after forgetting to put your false teeth in.