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Things I hate...


Lantern Swinger
Book Reviewer
... in need of a rant.

People who let their dogs shit in my street (or anywhere for that matter) without cleaning up after them. If I catch one of those fcukers they will be wearing their dogs shit as a hat.

People who spit in the street without good reason (eg swallowing a fly)

Those fcuking meerkat adverts, and anyone who thinks they are funny. They are vacuous and so are you. If in addition you enjoy that fat turd singing in the Go Compare adverts you are undoubtedly a cnut.

Dale Winton.

Anything written in the Guardian, what a load of ill informed leftie pish.

Scottish Socialists and Nationalists, anyone who thinks that in a country where everyone is in the public sector or on the dole we could go it alone is living in a deluded fantasy world.

The X-factor, everyone in it, everyone who watches it and all the shite in the papers about Cheryl Cole. Don't get me wrong, I would not kick her out of bed for eating toast, but I don't give a crap if she has just bought new shoes.

Wayne Rooney, if ever there was an advert for all the things that money cannot buy it must be this chimp.

People who comment on casualties from Iraq and Afghanistan and say "they joined the forces, they should have expected to die or be blown up" thank fcuk I only hear these people on the radio or on press forums, anyone who holds such a fcuked up opinion deserves a thorough beating and then forced emigration to Somalia / Zimabawe / North Korea.

Rant over for the moment (that feels much better) :)


War Hero
I hate Baked Beans. Little fcukers get everywhere.

Even in pot mess.

Oh, and agree with above, Dale Winton is a complete twunt.
Fcukwit idiot men who drive like their arse is on fire.

People who have never mastered the use of the phrases, thank you and please.

Small children who bite me.

Headless mice in the downstairs loo before I have put my slippers on in the morning.

I think that is it for now, but I have the afternoon free to think about it!


Driving while using a non 'hands free' mobile phone

Matelots who continue to avoid either their leadership courses or fitness tests due to apparently being 'medically downgraded'.


War Hero
Agree with all of the above, especially Sol's suggestion, those self service things are utter shite.

No matter how many times I have my day ruined by these things I always go back for more, there is something in my head that just says, ''go on, look at the size of that queue, use the self checkout, it will be much quicker.''

20 minutes later everyone else in the store has paid for their stuff and left, while I am stood there banging my head against the thing while I wait for Ranjeet (or more commonly now, Mikhail) the 'Self Service Supervisor' to come and put in his magic code because the machine has fcuked up or it needs validation because I am buying booze.

That's another fcuking thing, why does Tesco employ children who can't sell me booze? That fcuks me right off, you've been queuing for hours, you finally get all your stuff loaded onto the conveyor belt, then you have to wait another 10 minutes while some moon crater faced 14 year old rings up their supervisor because they aren't mature enough to determine whether you are over 18 or not.
Roundabouts.Especially mini roundabouts.What is it with this country and the fcukin obsession with sticking a fcukin roundabout where you couldn't drive round it if you were on a fcukin push bike let alone in a car.
And as for all the cnuts who dont know how to use a roundabout , I'd just love to rip their livers out with a pair of mole grips.
Not that I get agitated whilst driving you understand. :lol:

And concur with 2DD re Tesco's.Even better in my local co op the girl just shouts "alchohol"at the top of her voice so that every one turns round and looks at the piss head buying his wine.


War Hero
Having to occasionally venture into the chav infested shithole that is Rhyl

White people who think they're black

People who don't know the difference between lending and borrowing

People who use the word 'sleeps' instead of 'days'


War Hero
M & S adverts. Especially the new one. It's a shame because some of the birds are div's.

But it's all fcuked up by gash music and Twiggy.

Oh, and Chris Moyles (or however you spell the fat cnuts name).
[People who use the word 'sleeps' instead of 'days'[/quote]
My grandson does that!
Agree about Rhyl though when I served on her of course chavs hadn't been invented :D


War Hero
v8topcat said:
[People who use the word 'sleeps' instead of 'days'
My grandson does that!
Agree about Rhyl though when I served on her of course chavs hadn't been invented :D

I have noticed that becoming more and more prevalent; I have no idea where it started, but know that I loathe its use.


War Hero
:twisted: I'm at a time when I tend to look back. Age has not mellowed me and I look back not just in anger but in foaming at the mouth homicidal fury. :evil: I hate the self righteous bastard trash winging about their child benefit who are now cheering at the prospect of the lower orders paraded through the streets to do unpaid work for the scumbag tory party paymasters :!: Will they have to wear orange jump suits :?: I can just picture the type of filth who would jump at supervising such a work party. :( I look back with hate on every jumped up snotty traffic clark and depot manager employed by British Road Services during my era 1965 1976.In particular Wally Jones, Joe Shawcross and Bill Williams at Hereford and Stan Kiddy at Wolverhampton.I hate all politicans but I hate torys most :!: I am sure that Sgt.P.B. and his ilk of today are good careing chaps ; but the regulaters of the 1950s were trash of the highist order. A duo of these were "Tommy"Trinder who was as funny as his namesake but for the wrong reasons and Shakespeare who got filled in ashore by a Submariner off H.M. Sub. Tiptoe the whole of the ships company went deaf dumb and blind when questioned 8) I take comfort that at 71[going on 25] that I have outlived most of the bastards. But :!: If you or any relation of yours is reading this, I dont give a fcuk or recant a word. I am legion. I do nor forget. I never forgive. Expect me :x
Call Centres

Call Centres (all of them)

British Gas, NPower, BT, AOL, etc etc

In order of annoyance.

1. Automated push keys. Press 1 if you want to.... Press 2 for etc, etc,
2. Patronising messages. ' your call is really important to us......'
3. Disembodied voices that pretend to care and have absolutely no intention of helping you out or are just plain stupid to grasp the situation or take responsibility for your problem.

Whatever happened to customer service. The days when you ring up anyone and they would polity help you or put you or put on to someone who could help.

You know when you have to ring one of these moronic customer services lines your going to be stuck waiting, wasting your valuable time for ages only to have to call back again two weeks later when they haven't actioned your request !

Arghhhhhh ! :p


War Hero
What a bunch of intolerant old gits you lot really are (though I must say that 'unexpected item in bagging area' can cause an positive fluctuation in my systolic pressure if I have a time constraint).


War Hero
Being told to go to Collingwood and then when you get there being told you are meant to be in Raleigh! Suppose I got more petrol money though :)
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