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Things Christmassy

I can't honest;y verify that this is a true dit, but I was reminded of it by something someone said the other day. However, I offer it for your enjoyment.......

An oppo of mine worked in a butchers, and late one Christmas Eve a posh woman came into the shop looking for a turkey. Knowing that he had just one final turkey left, he offered it to her, hoping to get the sale so he could shut up shop and go home. The conversation went as follows :-

Posh Lady : Do you happen to have any turkeys left?
My Oppo : Certainly Madam - I have this beauty right here.
Posh Lady : How much does it weigh?
My Oppo : (placing it the scales) it's a little over 4kg Madam.
Posh Lady : Oh, I rather wanted something a little bigger; do you have any more?
My Oppo : Let me just check out the back for you ..............

Not wanting to miss out the sale, he took the 4kg turkey with him into the rear of the shop, and attempted to plump it up a bit. Returning to the shop front, the conversation resumed ........

My Oppo : I've found this one Madam, and it's bigger than the one I showed you before.
Posh Lady : Marvellous! Do you know, I think I'll take them both! :eek:

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