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Things Christmassy

Once the Tot drains out of @Taztiff he will see the fine Web of your post?
No chance of that, on the fizzy stuff with breakfast!
Merry Christmas to you lot, have a good one. Especially those on duty - like my lad, stuck on board in Guz last 3 days!! Serves him right, he's had far too many jollies this year :D
Serious head on.

Merry Christmas to one and all!

Non serious head on.

My grand daughter has just announced via Facetime that she's preggers!

My Christmas 2020 out of the country is looking decidedly dodgy.
We are STILL planning an out of UK 2020 Christmas. I have months and months to keep on pushing it.
I shall not fail.
Dinner will be at 1600, followed by flatulence and six tins of Cadburys Heroes.
Joyeux Noel.
Why thank you. I is now uttery smeshed on whatever 3, I blame the captain Morgan spiced rum for starting my downfall
Now my spelling is ejir and I'm going to be sic... Probably

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