Thigh rub killing my yomping ability - any tips??

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Kola, Jun 25, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    Been practicing my yomping and the biggest prob is rubbing thighs just under my nut sack. Its agonizing and is happening often. I have quite muscular legs so due to the shape of them they rub, there is nothing I can do to stop this.

    What I am looking for is a way to stop it from causing a friction burn.
    I only wear sports boxers that are seamless and wicking.

    Wondering if anyone has any magic solutions as I'm surer this must be a common prob.
  2. Wear cycling shorts instead of pants/boxers/panties/thong or whatever, and always Stick shitloads of vaseline between all rubbing parts. Its the only advice i can give you mate but remember with Yomping cracks are gonna chafe and limbs are going to ache shit loads thats the way it is mate just got to deal with it and shut it out.
  3. Damn, I liked my thong too :]

    Ok, Ill give vas a try. Will talc do anything?
  4. As Luke says, plus if you manage to get in your bag for a couple of hours kip first clean the raw area with a little clean water then smear a little Savlon antispetic cream over it; works wonders and good for sore raw arse cheek rub too. Re-apply vaseline just before you set off again. Don't take my word for it, try it after a run at home and stick it on just before you get your head down and see what you think.

    PS You're training to join RM but on your other post you're asking to be told the difference between RM Cdo and Infantry soldier .. ??
  5. Thanks for advice m8.

    No im training for RMR. I just thought Id get a quick answer here as al RMs have to go through 8 months of training so are more likely to come across this type of prob.

    Too old for the RM now m8 :/ 34 sorry make that 35 last week.
  6. Is that supposed to say "Real"?? I hope your not implying that my green beret is in any way inferiour to regular Royal Marines such as Lukep and harryBosch??

    I might need to have a lie down
  7. no its supposed to say 'all' I missed an 'l' off

  8. ExRubz... I do believe Kola just called you a cnut. Are you gonna stand for that??
  9. I did no such thing.

    Im not into taunting or winding people up over the internet. It proves nothing.

    Anyone can be a big man over then net or phone. face to face is what counts
  10. I believe your right Lukep, i might have to cyber knock his twat in mate!!!

    Edited to note that i must polish my brasses and staybright (plastic shite i know) capbadge a little harder to blend in better with my more superiour regular Royal Marines. It must be those gash little "R"s that we used to have to wear below our commando flashes that did it!! :thumright:
  11. Haha get the wirebrush on your bronze capbadge Royal! Gives you that ''Sweat'' Image.
  12. Why do simple questions get met with hostility by many on these forums?

    Its like most of you have this little click going and dont want anyone else in.

  13. Kola: Try using Body Glide. I run about 10 km a day (my main sport is dog sledding which involves treks of up to 1500 miles over 2-3 weeks) and used to find that I'd get some chafting under my arm and groin area. I found this product, and haven't had an issue at all since.

    Also, try and wear clothing that has a few seams on it as you can and if the fabric has a low thread count, try and avoid that as well. I found cotton anything chafted like mad, and polar fleece, t-shirt material did as well.

    I also found using stuff like vaseline and zinc ointment (zinc works for short times like a parade when you have to wear your whites and they are super starched to hold up in the heat and your armpits get chafted) worked for the first 5 km and then started to gum up and it starts to feel like you have glue and lumpy porridge on your skin.
  14. Scuse a girlie wandering in amongst all this testosterone, but there are no 'R's anymore.

    Don't know if that helps.

    If I could go shopping for nice shoes and sparkly girly make up I would leave now, but I can't.
  15. To be fair, XRD, I don't think Kola was having a dig at RMR, I think he was trying to say something about "all RMs ...."

    Anyway, how's the training going for your latest mad scheme to ski across northern Europe, or where ever? :)
  16. Thanks Rosie i was aware of the lack of "R"s (thank christ) but it was a comment made to Lukep who was in the Corps around the time when they probably still existed.

  17. I have a colleague here in the UK who races huskies Niner, seems like a really good sport to partake in!!
  18. @ Niner - thanks m8, great advice there. Ill give some of that a try and update here to let ypou know how I get on. Gonna try cycling shorts too like lukep said. That would cover the part that rubs worsed.

    @ Harrybosh.

    I wasnt insulting anyone like you said. All i did was miss one 'l' of a word.
    I am trying to join the RMR myself so why would I knock it.
    I know RMR-ists have to pass the same commando tests but they dont undergo the 8 month of training where they will be instructed how best to over come such injuries (im guessing) hence posting here.

    Cant believe one spelling mistake can lead to all this. Its as if most (not all) on here are just looking for a fight.

    Hope I havent missed a letter of anywhere.
  19. No but i think it was me who you were insulting as "harrybosch" is an ex RM Sargeant muchos respected by all who know him!!

  20. harrybosh posted on here defending me. That was my reply to him.

    I must stress I have nothing against anyone on this forum and if you read all of my posts back properly you will see I have not said anything off about anyone at all.

    Not going to do myself any favors by insulting RMs when I want to join the RMR.

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