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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by come_the_day, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. The ID cards thread has brought into question the position of those who live off benefits and I admit I have little time for the most glaring examples of this kind of thievery. However, what kind of example is given to the "spongers" by our elected representatives. Seemingly, most of those in Parliament have taken the full whack of allowances for second homes and outgoings support,when their actual outgoings are but a fraction of the amount claimed (vis Prescott, our late, lamented (!) SofS Buff, Mrs Beckett and all the rest).

    I have had to move several times over my Service career and have had reasonable accommodation in Pompey, Guzz, Scotland, Gib and HM Ships at the taxpayers expense because I was required to be wherever I was. Now, if MPs were put up in Barrack accommodation, with a bathroom between 10-20 people, canteen meals and the other luxuries that I have had over the years, I'd be quite happy, but these are the "thieving scum" that I would sort out before worrying about layabouts with several dog-eared mistresses, too many children, too many animals and council house "luxury"!
  2. Damn right, these are the same scrotes who send the forces to die in sandy stink holes for financial gain, don't see their sons on the front line either. But then maybe that is a good thing...

    "No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."
    - General George Patton Jr
  3. What annoys me is young women having babies just so they can get the benefit off the government.

    I know one woman who is like this, had her 1st child when she was 16yrs old, was given a good home, income support etc. She has 4 kids now, bigger home and what is she doing with that money? Going out on the raz every friday and saturday night.
  4. That really winds my watch too, all our tax money should be spent on giving old people free gas and electricity, they sure as hell have earned it. Freeloaders deserve nothing but a kick up the stern gland
  5. Shucks! I was hoping for a few more diatribes against the cabinet ministers for whom one newspaper at least has estimated a possible annual income of over £250,000 and for whom pensions are untouchable. Wish I could vote for my own pay and pension!!
  6. Labour------------------sorry New Labour depends on all the freeloaders for votes at elections.

    They reckon at the moment there are almost as many people working for Government/Local Government as there are in the private sector!!

    Add that lot to the Professional DSS claimants and no other party has a chance to get into Parliament .
  7. And it came to pass that the doctorman said thou shalt not work anymore.

    It's a long story!!!

    And she said she wanted her half of the home so she got it, so I rented this place then the govt [bless em]said say don't you go spending your hard earned money on luxuries like a motor car or a holiday and come a running to the benefits people for hand outs later when it has all gone.

    Coz then we will tell you that you have wasted your money even though you did earn it since leaving school at fifteen. Other people need these hand outs like those poor piss heads round the corner and all the others who have never put a penny in the pot.

    Having said all this the niece working hard for her increased education to go get a paramedics job looking after her kid on her lonesome etc. Word soon got round the grapevine about her claiming this that and the other endless boyfriends blah blah blah. All shite!!!

    Well some hero carved FRAUD over the bonnet of her mothers car she borrowed. Wish I had been there they sure would be talking with a high pitched voice no problemo.

    Yeh lots of head working toe rags out there. This was not one of them!!

    I figure it like a bank you put your money in but the bank manager says you can't draw it out. Unless you never left a deposit then you can have can have what you require. Like a Safari in Africa

  8. What we need is legislation which bans governments from stealing our money. Direct taxation is fine, but taking money (in the form of tax)from our pension schemes - without asking - is theft. Pure and simple. :evil:

    Brown is busily stealing £5bn/year from private pensions, and doubtless plotting other ways in which he can get his hands on our money. As soon as any savings scheme starts becoming popular, the State either steals the money or closes the scheme.
  9. If a private person milks the pension fund they would soon be up in front of the beak like whats his name except he beat the gun by topping himself. So why shouldn't the Pollies cop the same. Perhaps it needs a citizen arrest
  10. Another stick with which to beat politicos is the Dolphin Square debacle. In order to tart the place up, the developer wants the old tenants out and is paying up to £100,000 to them so that they move on. Trouble is, a goodly number of the tenants are MPs / cabinet ministers and their rent has been paid by the taxpayer. If they then trouser the hundred grand, are they thieves?
  11. It has been written " power corrupts " etc and you are certainly spot on with the pollies. In Oz just about everything is now in the clutches of private industry, a lot of it overseas, while the pollies sit back and rake in what is called GST, Goods and Services Tax, 10% on everything.
    The pollies now do SFA apart from living the high life and selling the country to the highest bidder. Trouble is it seems nothing can be done to stop the b*****s. Nowhere to run either because just about the whole bleedin' planet is RS. Still, I had a good run

  12. Another thing that gets on my tits is that these little ******* actually go to university to study politics (and pc etc) and not doing a days work in there lives
    Come to think of it have any of the current crop done a days work?
  13. I was in a queue at the local DHSS building recently running a message for an elderly relative when I became aware of a commotion at the front. It was a young female, teenage age, shouting obscene abuse at the clerk. She was demanding her handout saying, "I want what I'm ******* entitled to. Its mine". She was directed into a side room and dealt with. I was still there when she came out laughing and joking with her friend. I heard her say, "Look, its more than I expected". I don't begrudge some of my hard earned money going to people who really need help, but when it goes to this type of parasite who probably has not worked a day of work in her life, and probably never will do, it really pisses me off.
  14. I did a brief spell working for the then DHSS in the early 1980s. You needed screens to protect you from the customers who on one ocassion smashed up our office and one of the vandals used a sledge hammer. We often had deserving, desperate clients who could not get their money because of the complex paperwork we had to do (to satisfy the Treasury) so we would do a whip round to get the person enough money to tide them over for a few days until we could help them. There were also those who thought it was their right, even though they never made any real effort to work: a minority at the time. :roll:

    What I thought was absurd was that a good proportion of the full-time staff in the office were themselves so poorly paid that they had to claim benefits! :roll: It always irritates me when people moan about generous civil service pensions: many of these people will have to claim benefits when they are on their pensions because they are so low. It is a well publicised minority that earn generous incomes. Most clergy, usually seen as very low paid, get much better pay than many public sector workers: and clergy are exempt from having to pay rent on their accomodation or pay Council Tax. It is hardly suprising that so many youngsters get involved in pushing drugs when they can earn more in a day than many public sector workers get in a month! It is an example of crime paying & honesty not doing so. :x

    Ah! I feel better having got that off my chest! :)
  15. Come the revolution it should be matelots, not officers, running the country. What would admirals care for the likes of ordinary people? I think the basic qualification for leadership should be having survived 15 months at Ganges, the RN's version of Eton for matelots! :lol:
  16. Its a wicked world out there

    The bad news is that a lot of kids career path is the DSS ---from the age of 16 they are on a steady earner . Also they have better inside information regarding benefits that they usually learn from their pals -also Dss claimants .

    Also once you are registered as a claimant you are entitled to free rent/or proportion to pay only -no council tax- the sort of hidden earnings thats kept quiet.

    If you work ------------to pay rent council tax NI contributions Income tax try to feed yourself etc you would need to earn at least £250 a week and still just break even with a DSS.
    Minimum wage at the moment is about £200 pw. before deductions so you are better off on the dole!!
  17. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Ain't it just!

    But, if you've ever worked or have any assets whatsoever, its not easy to register as a claimant!

    I am a professional engineer and have nearly 20 years post-graduate experience, including 12 years in a consulting environment. I have a reasonable size mortgage and live in a large-ish house with wife and kids. For a variety of reasons (that I won't explore) in April 2003 with absolutely no warning I found myself out of work. Being a responsible person, having mortgage + council tax, recent holiday bills and a family to support, I'd taken out mortgage unemployment insurance, which required me to sign on as unemployed to be able to make a claim. I duly ventured into the clutches of the DWP at my local Job Centre Plus where I was presented with a 43 page application form for "benefit" - when I explained that I didn't want any benefits, I only wanted to register as unemployed, I was told that the only way of signin-on was to apply for benefits. I could either claim for a flat-rate benefit of £52 per week based on the fact that I'd previously been contributing NI (this involved only about 10 pages of the application) or I could claim for a more lucrative benefit based on family income which would give rise to the whole range of council tax and incomoe support subsidies - however, if I had more than a couple of thousand pounds in any form of asset, including accounts held in my childrens' names, then I would not be eligible.

    Having duly completed my benefits application for the princely sum of £52 per week, I was required to declare any income that I received from any source, which would then be deducted from my payment. My regular RNR drill attendance which attracted 1/4 days pay immediately came off this figure; if I'd been away for a weekend at Colingrad, the fun really started, because the Job Centre Plus (aka CFN or Clueless Fcuking Numpties) regarded this as 16 hours or more employment - this is the break point at which they regard you as being employed, so I was being told to sign-off. This is incorrect, the DWP have an exception to the 16 hour rule for the Reserve Forces and retained firefighters, however it appears that the local offices don't hold the details, only London!

    From my own experience of the benefit system, it only benefits people who have no intention of working and no intention of saving for their future and who are long-term unemployed. For anyone with short-term employment problems, it provides nothing other than needless bureacracy and certainly doesn't assist in getting new employment. In the 8 weeks or so that I was technically unemployed, I received the grand-sum of £0.00 in benefits from the DWP through the CFN office (although the Inland Revenue were extremely quick to adjust the Child Tax Credit payments, which I'm now paying back). Needless to say, I cancelled my mortgage unemployment insurance immediately, and have no intention of ever setting foot in any Job Centre ever again!
  18. Flags
    I sympathise with you .

    Your last paragraph is a true fact -----------its easier to stay on the Dss than it is to get a job due to re doing all the paperwork each time. Most of the DSS do the black economy-cash in hand work .

    Did they offer you job seekers allowance. Its not so hot on the savings /other earnings /income . Also you may have got tax credits and possibly a tax rebate. Bad news bit is that it all takes time so if you are short on savings when you do lose your job its a bit hairy. You have to rely on your relatives .
  19. Flagwagger , this is more important than you know (but probably do)

    Have you any idea where this rule can be found?
  20. Is someone messing around and deleting posts on here?

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