Thieves steal plane fuselage and ship's anchor from MoD

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Chaz, Mar 25, 2011.

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  1. Someone nicked my pen the other day, good job it was a pusser's one.
  2. I don't think Labour should be encouraging this sort of "expose" - stuff has been disappearing for many a year and I wouldn't think it has got any better or worse as a consequence of a change of government. The same question for any of the years that Labour was in charge could prove monumentally embarrassing for all concerned.

    The first place I would start looking for this stuff though, especially items such as an anchor or an aircraft fuselage, would be the stoker's mess - stands to reason doesn't it.
  3. There was a stall in our local market selling ration pack scran last week.Didn't notice any fuselages on his stall though.Or anchors.
  4. Sighted ............... Peckham market...........back of a mustard coloured Reliant Robin...... Luverly jubberly !
  5. I imagine that the stocks of the MOD are about as secure as a Mini Metro. It has always been the case and when the money is not yours, then why bother.
  6. If this is the best Labour can accuse the current Government of then I think the coalition is safe.
  7. So no one's still looking for a 37 year-old Pusser's Bedford TK then?

    Phew! :hiding:

  8. I know for a fact that the anchor and the fuselage went up in smoke in Donnington a few years ago (alongside all the other shite that the MOD couldn't account for) :)
  9. How the **** do you burn an anchor????
  10. Ask my CQMS.

    Edited- or our outgoing chef; the useless bastard.
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  11. You don't. It melts and forms a big sticky puddle on the ground. My dog has found loads of them although I doubt they were all anchors. :)
  12. Being the MP for Liverpool, Wavertree maybe she should be searching her neighbours' back gardens for the listed items...
  13. No mention of pussers wheel barrows full of straw or a pushbike full of mercury that it takes 6 MOD PLOD to lift when the docky drops it at the main gate?
  14. anch.jpg

    Kind of like this I suspect.
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