They're at it again.

This week, in The Royal Courts of Justice, Mr Justice Leggatt (Queens Bench Division) has been conducting a Pre-Trial Review of Multiple Claimants v Ministry of Defence (TLQ/14/0148).

The Nuclear Test Veterans and Dependants are pursuing a claim against the MOD-- to be continued to full trial next week.

This is costing a fortune in West End Chambers Barristers and Solicitors fees plus the implied cost of the MOD's own Uniformed and Civilian Legal Branch.

Porton Down Common Cold ( guinea pig) volunteers have been compensated.

Those affected by asbestos dust absorption have, again, been fobbed off.

One of The First Sea Lord's typists received nearly £200,000 for RSI.
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Could you tone down the self victim, First Sea Lord's G&T drinks order bollocks. And maybe just keep it to the facts of the case for anyone interested?

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