They wonder why we call them Pongos.....


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"Where the army goes the pong goes"

I'm not prejudiced, some of my best friends were in the army.
Did I ever tell you about my last night in the Imps, battered a room full of jocks with one hand behind my back, think I told Witts and Finks


Judging by the comments on the Mail page, Scabies is nothing new to the armed forces;

. I caught scabies whilst in the Royal Marines based at the RM Barracks in Eastney Portsmouth in 1954. It was like an itchy living hell and was brought about from a set of blankets issued to me by a lazy bedding store clerk.

Read more: Queen's Guards invaded... by a scabies outbreak: Military exercises in Germany blamed as dozens are hit by skin disease | Mail Online
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From the OP's link:

A Ministry of Defence investigation is focusing on the guardsmen’s movements in the weeks leading up to the outbreak.

Who have thought that there would be weeks worth of movements hanging about waiting to be investigated?
Dirty bastards.

Stupid paddle bashers!
rumdownmythroat, your efforts in Lil's (not my usual stomping ground) are no better than those in more serious threads. You are ceasing to entertain and thereby ceasing to save your user name from cyber oblivion.
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