They just dont get it do they?

Discussion in 'RMR' started by The_Wonderer, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. Texted a couple of my mates today to let them know that I've passed my PRMC.
    Anyway, instead of any congrats of any sort, I've recieved

    1) "The next time I see you will be on TV as an Iranian hostage"
    2) "I'll give it 6 mths before some Afghan is trying to take you out with an Elephant gun"


    I've got a feeling that this is the type of shit I'm going to have to put up with all the time, and I'm thinking that I'll probably see less of these ignorant twats as time goes by.

    It's to be expected though I suppose.
    I imagine a lot of people experience this crap too eh?

    I'm kicking myself now, because I could'nt think of anything to hit back with at the time :threaten:
  2. Why bother, they are knobbers!!
  3. You'll probabl find that you'll drift away from your old mates anyway dude as your attitudes, opinions and interests change. Eventually you may find that can't see why you liked them in the first place :)
  4. Simple answer, "Once I join the next time I could see you is in the cross-hairs of my sniper scope!" :salut:

  5. Yep time to burn your bridges and move on with real mates who will never leave you in the shite.
  6. Getting same type of stick that and stuff relating to barrels? Been going on for almost 9 months now same shit different day! just wait it out it'll go away honest!!!
  7. Surprisingly few people make very any effort to understand other people - I got a load of criticism when I went to work in a country that was unknown/popularly perceived of as dangerous in 1986 ... and I didn't bother to tell anyone that I was going to be doing some training in Chile before I arrived there I think my family would have kidnapped me and taken me back to Lancashire if I had.

    Well done mate - follow your dream it is the only road you can take

  8. Cheers folks :thumright:
  9. Mate as other people have said, you will make friends for life as you go through your Recruit course, so dont worry too much. Share your hardship, pain, achievements and experiences with them - they are the only ones who will ever understand what you are going through!!

    I have various groups of mates - lads I kicked around with at school, work colleagues and my mates who are in or were in the "Forces".
    I see all three groups of friends still but Im sure you can imagine which bunch I am closest too, spend most of my time with, trust with my life and who understand me better than anyone.

    Its a different breed.................
  10. Concur with Spenny on this one. Lad i went through recruit training with 15 years ago is still a great oppo and although i dont see him much these days due to moving away when we do meet up its as though we were never apart.

  11. Actually, I think that's bloody funny! :w00t:
  12. Mate i get it aswell, i just ignore them, they dont know what were going through and what were dedicated to. End of the day mate, we have already made some cracking friends at Livdet. The boys at Livdet are becoming a great team.
  13. Your all talking like bitches.... just bang the c*unts out! Then they will soon realise they made a mistake!
  14. :thumright:
  15. i dont think i could bang my mates out so easily..... unless they really pissed me off.
  16. Maybe a stiff word in their ear would do!
  17. Yeah, what would you say? 'Stop it, or your gettin a dig' - along those lines?
  18. Just tell them how fckn important it is to you and make sure they know your deadly serious!!!
    My civvy mates used to rip the shit out of me - the usual "Dads Army" slaggings and Gareth from the office etc. I sat down and explained to them what I done on an average weekend (which left them gobsmacked)and then I went out training with them a couple of times.

    On one session we ran up and around a hill called Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh. There is a path around the crags called the radical road and whilst they were walking up and practically spewing (its that steep) I was running up and down the line telling them to stop being a big girls blouse and to get a fckn move on. The second time was on a run around the braid hills golf course - its only around 3 miles or so cross country but I ran in boots and a bergan (35lbs) while they ran in trainers and I kept the pace with them all the way round.

    Now they have a healthy respect for my "other life". They will never understand it and dont even try to - but they respect it and know how much effort I put in.

    Edited to add: If that doesnt work, then you bat them in the fckn mouth and dont hold back!!!
  19. That's exactly how you deal with it.

    Nailed it Spenny.

    Good work.
  20. :salut:

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