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They don't do a PJT for Fathers!!

My ten year old has started being a bit stroppy, shleping around the house, sleeping for England, spending loads of time on his own and generally acting in a way that makes me think that ITS TIME WE HAD THAT SPECIAL "CHAT" that only a parent can do, if you get what I mean.

The point is, what the feck do I say? How do I broach the whole "you're becoming a man" subject? Isn't 10 a little bit early?

I can't hark back to what MY dad did, because to be honest I can't remember (think my mum just bought me a pop up book on the body, that was scary!).

Any honest, non-piss taking advice would be greatly appreciated here cos its christmas eve and I don't want to ruin his christmas by making him feel sick and embarrased :D but i'm not THAT bad a dad, I will wait until the new year perhaps :wink:




War Hero
My eldest is 10 in january. He's been acting like a stroppy teen since he started school, so I suspect its a peer pressure thing. I,m not planning the birds and bees chat anytime soon. My mum was always trying to be a 1970's trendy liberal, you could'nt finish your angel delight without having some kind of adult themed topic being raised. I used to find it so embaressing. I've resolved to be a bit more circumspect with my kids.
Don't forget, the really bad dads are the ones who don't even think about what to say!
clanky said:
Don't forget, the really bad dads are the ones who don't even think about what to say!

Tell me about it, I get headaches every time I think about what to say to the poor sod without either scaring him or putting him off women!!

No doubt i've got it abain next year when my youngest son reaches 10 although its my princess i'm worried about the most (she's only 22 months!)
I hate to be the one to break it to you guys but that's pretty much what you are going to get for a long while yet!! A gentle chat about puberty and body changes, moods etc and why its happening could be good, but the best you can hope for is a grunt, and probably much more of the same for a long time to come!! As for daughters - well all I can say is that at 14 her Dad reckons she's had PMT for the last 13 years! From talking to friends I'm afraid this seems to be normal, so dig in for the long haul!
Boys are not a problem, you will be suprised at what they know,but girls, well be warned, your nightmares are yet to come, I cannot wait until my Grandaughter is fourteen, and my Daughter phones me to say "Dad what do i do?"


War Hero
I have two kids a boy and a girl, my mate also has two kids, two boys.
A comment he made to me over twenty years ago and made me think still rings true:

I have two boys, so that means I only have two cocks to worry about!
slim said:
I have two kids a boy and a girl, my mate also has two kids, two boys.
A comment he made to me over twenty years ago and made me think still rings true:

I have two boys, so that means I only have two cocks to worry about!


I already worry about her!


War Hero could always wait till he askes you what he wants to know..
But that has just as many pitfalls
We were all sat to the table eating, when my daughter asked "mum whats a vergin??". Well huby (poor love) choked and said &*%$&..I answered her with a much as i thought she could handle..Later that night our son was heard singing Ella's a vergin ,well you can guess my reaction .Laughting at the things is somtimes the only way to keep your sanity
There realy is no set age limit for these things you will know when hes ready trust me......
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