They are taking the P*ss!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Daktari, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. OK It seems that since 2005 UK government have taken the stance that you have go to prove that yu are a bone fida UK citizen the be able to work in the UK

    Just had a letter from my NHS Trust to say that I have to PROVE that I am not an illegal immegrant and can legally work in the UK ... proof of residency is a UK passport .... UK driving licence and a marrage certificate!

    Problem! .. UK passport and driving licence I have ... but my marraige certificate is Septic! Like on the beach in Hawaii .. totally legal but not a UK issued one! OK so I can fulfill the other requirements like Council Tax Bill but why should I have to prove I am a UK citizen when I am born and bred ..... just because some namby pamby labour government want to pamder to to the B*** lesbian community! Bast***ds!
  2. Generally they ask for one from a list, not all. (what if you are not married?)

    Are you sure it asks for all of them?
  3. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Do you write for the Daily Wail? There is no reason why every man and his dog must have a driving licence (don't drive), passport (Blackpool is good enough) or marriage certificate (pull pud).

    If we knew what illegal immigrants looked like and where they were, we wouldn't have to ask, would we? Of course, you could, assuming you are outside, flash your SCs or would that be asking too much? Maybe your National Insurance Number, Birth Certificate, MoD90, would do it.....
  4. Sorry Seadog me old mate, MOD 90 doesn't cut it, as I posted in an earlier thread.
  5. C'mon; we all know that Gogs are suspected terrorists!

    Engaging serious head; this is happening all to often. Use the phrase "violation of human rights" in your protest sentence, though, and watch the Mexican hat shuffle.
  6. Yeup! Got two lists and choose one (or two) from list A and two (or one) from List B - its basically two from one and one from the other. List A is the photo document list so Passport, Driving Licence etc etc and List B is Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Utility Bills etc etc.

    I just find it all highly amusing that our wonderful Gov is now asking it's own citizens to prove that they are actually a UK citizen! If they hadn't opened the doors and let so many immigrants in in the first place ..... Bunch of 5 finger shufflers!
  7. Quite right too!

    Lets take border checks… Me foreign johhny, waves foreign johhnie passport, gets waved through… Wife British, 100% born and bred… Has UK passport takeen off her for the full stare and check routine along with the scan and phone call.

    Anyone would think you British had a right to live in your own country! 8)
  8. No don't even rad the Wail! The only thing that I can see that is "proof" of UK citizenship is a Passport - but as we know they can be forged! Driving Licences don't count for much - they only prove where you live providing you have updated it! Same with Utility bills - it just proves residency not citizenship. The stupid thing is that a a Health Care Professional I (among most other jobs these days) have had a CRB check done so if they are really into looking into my background it should have shown up the fact of whether I am a UK citizen (or not) - I've been paying Nat Insurance since I was 17 so can't be all that difficult to join up the dots ... or can it????
  9. I live on a narrowboat, have my mail sent to an address 40 miles away and don't have utility bills, and you think you have problems!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. The real laugh is that all these people jumping up and down about having to prove their status would be jumping up and down even more if some one else got the job etc without having the same checks applied. If you want there to be a crack down on employing illegals people have to check, you know you are a brit but at the end of the day any one can say that.

    The real problem is the varying documentary requirements to establish you are who you say you are, and one has the slightest suspicion that the civil serpents have got their act together to get different organisation to require different document to be able to say, "look how easy all this would be if we all had ID cards".

  11. For the first time ever, I agree with Maxi_77!!!! 8O 8O 8O
  12. Wouldn't mind Maxi if I hadn't been "in post" for over a year and I had all the ID / CRB checks done then so a) either they've lost the docs from then or b) someone made removed Hampshire / IOW from the Bristish Isles and I know which one I choose!

    I'm just wondering if I tip up with my US marraige certificate whether they will send me back to Hawaii ... If I could guarentee that I'd be gone tomorrow!
  13. Theres madness in my method

    :p :p :p
  14. And I have a very real suspicion that you are right! The letter I got states it is a Gov Edict therefore a civil serpent is behind it all

    Although the thought of ID cards doesn't worry me too much having had to carry one in the RN and my present job - its what else they can embed on them these days.

    Case in point -we are in the process of trying to "track" blood units from Lab to Ward. They are now looking at a small RDF (not sure what it means) being attached to the bag and you can tell exactly by GPS where the bag is ... doesn't need a lot to be able to attach it to an ID card and exactly what else (other than height weight inside leg measurement etc) will they be embedding???
  15. Going back to Daktari's original post it had me thinking?

    Just how many forms have all of us had to complete who have lived in the UK since birth? Census, NHS forms, Official secrets act, CRB, work applications, DV forms (for some of us), doctors forms, hospital forms, credit card applications, bank account applications, in fact the list is endless and all this information must end up somewhere. There must be a huge amount of history attached to the various applications over the years.

    To then say to someone who is currently in post, ex RN with plenty of proof of nationality and has obviously completed many of the above forms at some point to prove he is not an illegal is taking the piss.

    Then again, I expect they need to keep a huge office of civil serpents in a 50K per annum job and justify their existance.

    Only in the UK.
  16. Most of the requested forms are available, (at a price), on the internet.

    Fake ID with photo, circa £25, Passports a bit more. Birth certificates - so easy to forge it's untrue!!!

    Did a course a while back on the lengths immigrants are going to to obtain these endorsements of origin!! It's frightening.

    So I'm not really suprised by the fact so many forms of identity have been requested, it's just shocking they are not spending as much time chasing the illegals in the first place.
  17. Possibly due to the 'special relationship' between the UK and the far the vast majority of illegals in this country come from the latter!
  18. MOD's - perhaps this thread needs merging with the "Am I over reacting" in Nearest & Dearest ... it amounts to the samething just different angles!
  19. A few years ago whilst coming through Heathrow Airport on my way back from Saudi Arabia, a coloured gentleman looked at me and my oppos passport. Gave us this enormous smile - all glittering teeth - and said.............wait for it........."Welcome to ouir country" - my oppo told him to fcuk off and walked through the gates with a swish....yeah!!!
  20. No doubt in a few more years time it will be a full medical with comments like...."You didn't have that freckle on your bollcks the last time you came through customs......

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