These sick b******* need a hiding.

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Duty clanky, Sep 14, 2012.

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  1. Hang on. So we're allowed to do it but civvys can't?
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  2. Is that a wind up? Not convicned we do. I am ex RE and don't recall posting sites like theirs.
  3. You must have served in a cupboard, people make jokes about getting shot and blown in half all the time. It's not even as if that site does it intelligently, it's just a bad troll.
  4. I think it's a tribal thing...we're allowed to, because it's ourselves we're taking the piss out of....They not, cos they're fat little chavs from Sunderland...who are on the verge of being identified. Various sites are looking for them.

    They are not funny, they are not intelligent, they do it to offend...
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  5. Of course they did it to offend, that's the point.
  6. Yes I know they do it to offend..that's why I wrote "They do it to offend" ffs
  7. You are a regular Sherlock Holmes, no doubt about that.
  8. Easy tiger !!!
  9. Is this why I can't use the N word but my black friends can? It isn't very fair.
  10. I have to say I'm very dissapointeded by that page. I spent 5 minutes looking through it and not one of the jokes made me laugh!

    Unfunny *****.
  11. I agree, I was looking for material I could use.

  12. So you are telling me you happy with the "like if you piss on a dead soldiers grave" post?

    I was certainly not kept in a cupboard and thank every day, apart from shit tank days, that I Tx to the RN. Trust me it is much cushier in the blue. That said I can't recalling sitting at Naafi, sorry stand easy and asking if how many lads pissed on their mates graves for a laugh at the weekend!

    Guess we can all have opinions and I feel IT IS ok to have gallows humour between us. But these little scrotes need a kicking. Sorry that's the green coming out in me!
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  13. What, you mean like Guy Gibson's dog...... rhymes with bigger........let me think...............nope.... can't find it............
    its like looking for a nigger in the woodpile.....oops :oops:
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  14. I’m not sure they do it to offend Spiv, I think, they think they are being clever and the anonymity of some social media sites gives them the courage to mouth off, put them face to face with the people they are abusing and they wouldn’t repeat what they say. I agree not intelligent not funny just gobshites
  15. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Duty Clanky: So advocating violence against the people you refer to makes you better than them, does it? The freedom and democracy that soldiers - of whatever nationality - have died defending are the same principles that allows these "bastards" [sic] the right to free speech.

    You don't have to like what they say - you clearly find these sort of sites offensive - but you cannot deny their right to make these jokes in a public arena. I absolutely despise the BNP, but I do not call for their websites to be shut down.

    'The Sun' newspaper, on the other hand... :shock:
  16. I thought I was the only NAZI in the village!

    I know who you are now from that last line. Not a bad instructor. ******* gash dit spinner though.
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  17. Duty clanky

    Sorry, but you are the very type of person who feeds these trolls.

    If they do not get a reaction out of something, they get bored and move on. When people like you jump on the outrage bus they feed on it and escalate what they do.

    Exactly the same for the "dead baby jokes" Facebook page. Loads of people crying about it, asking that all their friends support them in shutting it down. Whilst unwittingly they were advertising it and adding to the troll feed fest.
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  18. We don’t have free speech in this country.
  19. To be honest, I'm completely unarsed.

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