Theresa Mays Wishful Thinking

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, May 26, 2012.

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  1. What gives them the idea that the immigrants will head in our direction especially if it's in search of work.We have 2.6 million unemployed of our own and accommodation is at a premium unless you've the money to pay.I am very much aware the Poles and other east europeans have arrived in big numbers and mostly prospered but surely any slack in the system has already been filled by them.
  2. They will come for the same reason "asylum" seekers are willing to cross half the world over safe country after safe country.
  3. I'm sure our ever vigilant border patrol squad will stop them at the city gates.
  4. In case this turns into a right wing rant, one such on telly, when asked why he didnt stay in France, said the french deport you very quickly, the English dont and the longer you are in the country the harder it is to deport you, plus a generous benefits package and perceived tolerance.
  5. No doubt Sharkey knows just how much paper work goes on, for people to stay in France as opposed to the UK
  6. The May woman is really bright; telegraph miles ahead what you intend to do before you have the means of doing it. The clever ones can move now before any practical restrictions can be put in place.

    Maybe they have a better chance of getting unemployment benefit/jobseeker's allowance (or whatever, this week) here than they would Zorbaside? How does a bankrupt country with a foreign currency pay people anyway?
  7. It begs the question : What's a Greek urn?
    I'll get me plates..
  8. Smashing repartee...
  9. The only way she could stop them is if we leave the EU and that will not happen..
  10. I believe the French application reads " Voulez-vous coucher avec mois ce soir"
    If the answer is yes they get to stay, if no its the door.

    I believe the British application is a lot more complicated, involving amongst other things the rules of cricket and the duties of a fag in public schools, other than that I cant help.
  11. Well there is open talk of the illegal under EU rules things Greece would have to do as part of an exit (capital controls etc) so it would hardly be surprising that different countries thinking of "if the rules are suspended" scenarios.

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