Theresa May versus M ' Learned Council.

QC and Labour peer Baroness Helena Kennedy the thinking mans crumpet,:| blasted her this morning on the Andrew Marr show !!!
You've got a telly? In Liverpool, I'm impressed
and educated as well!!! Fournier's painting shows the funeral pyre surrounded by three of the dead poet's closest friends. From left to right they are the author and adventurer Trelawny and Shelley’s fellow-poets Leigh Hunt and Byron. In Trelawny's own account of the event, 'Recollections of the Last Days of Shelley and Byron', he described the hot August day on which the funeral took place.
Byron is interred in a church at Hucknall Nottingham. Also interred but in a separate tomb is his daughter, who being born out of wedlock could not be interred in the same tomb. Can't stand Shelley as I believe he was a Chatham

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