Theres a surprise


Lantern Swinger
Don't need to last. Sold his self to the tabloids.
Mustn't have been news of the screws then.
geoff(ers) :?
Do you think that he spoke to the press/media officer to see whether a rig run to jesters, posing for phots and acting like a twat would be a good idea.
This tosser is a disgrace.
Surely now bringing service in to disrepute?
He should hang his head in shame, he is truly a disgrace to the uniform.
In my day, we were left in no uncertain terms about what would happen if we spoke to the press.
What the Navy needs now is another good drugs bust in the Caribbean to give us some good PR for a change.
This is obviously a fishing trip for quotes so the journos don't need to actualy work at putting a column together, instead they get you to do it for them. Show a bit of inteligence and dignity by not rising to the bait.

Everyone will be a bit peeved I know but why should we do their job for them, better to keep shtum and let them get off their fat arses for a real story.
I think he needs kicking in, then kicking out.
What a fecking disgrace this person is. He makes an absolute mockery out of those who have died in my opinion.
Draft him to DG or The Falklands ffs, out of the way.


War Hero
Whats wrong with going ashore in a nightie? thinks the poor feckers been set up here, he's a donut but how many other 20 year olds get shedded on a sat night and big it up?....I think his senior rates will take him under there wings when he returns to cornwall and educate him.
I think you are being too harsh on him Lamri, and as blobbs says a run ashore with womens clothing on hand is not exactly unknown to the senior service. The News of the Screws are just trying to milk a story that has run out steam. If there are any journos trawling when feck off and waste some other ppls time.

The young lad in question is just immature, has been badly advised as should now be left alone. I share the apparently widely held view he won't be in for much longer.
As you rightly say going ashore in womens clothing is not unheard of in the mob - I was trying to get at the point that he may have been set up....?
chances are he probably was set up but what about keeping a low profile?
Why not get pi**ed in a local boozer away from journo's and the twats with cameras, no - he goes to Jesters.
Some comments bang on about him being immature but he's 20 FFS and should know better.
I agree with scabster, it stinks of a tabloid set up, but with the way standards are the lads probably got a fuckin midnight namet, give him a couple of weeks puns then draft the little shit up to faslane, that ought to sort him out.
He got sh1tfaced with the lads, SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's what servicemen do or are you lot so geriatric that youve forgotten what servicemen do. They get drunk they take the pee out of the most horrendous things cos if they didn't they would top themselves.
It's sourgrapes from the papers that didn't get the story.
A couple of weeks ago he looked as if he was close to a breakdown, he appears to have recovered with the help of the lads, no shrink working on him for years at a time. A few weeks with the lads has done wonders. now let him head on back to the Cornwall and get on with his duties.
Don't do the journos a favour by turning on him.
A disgrace yes to be caught out like that. However this is just a naive young lad who's really not that bright. Definitely a set up but I just don't think he's equipped to know any better.
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