There should be more of this


Lantern Swinger
Thats a realy good idea that
I think everywhere should do it

All we get here is bowling for a £1 nd discount at the cinema

(dont know why im complaining though considering im a civvy ha)
Perhaps MPs own Westminster Gym could be opened up for service personnel in London. Would they beat Paddy Ashdown on the rowing simulator??? :lol: I think not!!!
This would be brilliant. Ive been on leave for 3 weeks and would have loved to have spent a good chunk of it in the gym.
But most gyms require daft subscriptions which just dont make it worth doing.
fantastic idea...and i know what you mean danny....but,,,,about a 5min walk from my house is a gym where you only pay £3.50 for a session...and its open from 9am till in retrospect...£3.50 gets you 12hours gym subscriptions needed!
unfortunatly where i am there all sign up for a minimum of 6 months sort of deal.
even the leisure center is a couple of months

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