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The're off


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Next Tuesday, 7.11.06, much of Australia will come to a halt for the annual Melbourne Cup, a horse race. I suppose it can be compared with the UK Derby, a tradition that has been with us for many years. Good stuff with all the fun of the fair. However, there is a much more significant race on the same day with far greater consquences than losing your shirt, the political race in the USA, a two horse race of Republicans and Democrats I understand. Will the result be similar to elections in UK and Oz when the two leaders were re-elected despite the lies, deception, destruction and loss of life in Iraq. From what I read GB is in for a flogging although such events are difficult to predict. I do believe GB will suffer though, as he should, for the damage he has caused to so many people.Love to carry out a psych test on him, more carnage than SH ever did

The general consensus (or perhaps wishfull thinking), is that the worthless Republicans are going to lose control of both the House and Senate.
The Iraq mess, coupled with in-house scandals like Tom Foley, etc, have got the people fed up with the horseshit. Bushbaby will always have his die-hard, loudmouthed, uber-conservative sycophants making noise, but their numbers are shrinking rapidly. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for the warhawks.
Democrats are already looking forward to 2008, and a young gun presidential hopefull named Barack Obama, a junior Senator from Illinois.
His popularity is already off the charts, and if he doesn't step on his weenie between now and '08, we could finaly have a President we can be proud of!

Here's hoping.
Thanks BY, nothing like news straight from the horse's mouth. The world will be hoping the news is correct and this does happen. Warhawks I feel is not really the term and I prefer bully. Iraq was never really a problem and could have been handled by the UN and diplomacy instead of using the sledge-hammer to totally destroy the place. The real problems have never been faced such as Tibet where the PCR just moved in, no doubt the stepping stone to India when the time comes. It will be interesting to see how TB handles it if GB does take a tumble and how our resident GB hemroid copes with the loss of support. We live in interesting times.

"May you live in interesting times." That was actually an old Chinese curse, if I remember correctly.
Something has to change. If America wants to be a true world power, then we have to earn respect, not demand (or take) it.
There are some in this nation who would consider me "unpatriotic" for the views that I hold (anti-bush, anti-war, etc), but here is my understanding of true patriotism: Putting the good of the nation ahead of all else.
What's best for my country is what's best for the world and our role in it.

All the power in the world is useless if it's used with reckless abandon, with a total disregard of the consequences.
Certainly no curse intended here although your comment brings to mind another truism, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely Your other observations re America's role as a world leader are interesting. could do with such views in the halls of power. America has done a lot of good on the world stage sad to see it all being undone and only wonder as to how it will all end. Looking for the New Age Pilgrim Fathers to take me to the promised land of a new planet, no escape on this one it seems,

Dont think your at all unpatriotic B.Y.
I would say that you share the same opinions as alot of Brits who get sick to death of Bliar and others before him blindly following others into what are colloquially known as clusterfucks without any foresight as to the consequences and expecting our under equiped, but very professional forces to pick up the pieces. Time for a political change here too me thinks, although by the look of some of the candidates it goes to prove that there is life after death!!!

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