There is no Santa in RNR Sea Res Branch

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by randy_riveter, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. Well thats me finally realised after over 40 years that Santa does not exist!......
    I wrote to him asking for my new branch badges.. even asked his Elf(Branch- CPO) who works in my unit several times.... Never got my presents?
    When I asked the Elf (CPO), he shrugged his shoulders and could`nt care less.
    In my letter to santa I also asked for green slides and greenRoyal Navy badges for my 95`s........Santa`s Elf(CPO) told me he had his green slides and badges and thats all that mattered...?
    And here`s us young AB`s having been told that we would have them for November 2008 ceremonies if we were good boys and girls!???

    No wonder moral is sub zero at times...........Correct rig, gives correct impression, gives professional image, and gives self worth...and ensures staff feel they belong in their chosen unit.
  2. Can we have that in English please.

    So your LSA is a cock? That's a shame, but your unit's Command is worse for allowing it.
  3. Funny......... Dunkers....Thats the name the the CPO is usually called by us shipmates........We must all be good judges of character?

    It was written a little tongue in cheek.....Sorry.
  4. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Why do you need CS95's?
  5. Sorry mate.........Not sure?
    It`s part of the uniform for our branch.
    Not my choice or decision...........?
    At least a Royal Navy badge would differentiate us from pongos and crabs.
  6. Not any more actually r_r - SPO rig is once again no 4s..!
  7. SO2Seaman is about to go to bed as he is off skiing with his 2 young daughters very early tomorrow morning, so I'm not sure he will be able to follow this up as quickly as he would want to. However, pse PM me with details (let's not put units or individuals in the public forum) and when I get back next week, I will ask a few questions!
    Sorry I could not reply in verse.
  8. When you get to Chief, you will of course drop everthing every time one of your ABs wants some badges for his pretty uniform. Especially if its for the CS95s he should no longer be wearing anyway. :thumright:
  9. When you get to Chief wtf are you doing working in a backwater RNR unit's stores? ;)
  10. It normally means that you are a Chief dabber.
  11. You are all missing the very serious point..........!
    Junior staff should be assisted to have the correct uniform for their branch; and should be guided and coached by their Senior Rates.........
    Retention is very much is paramount to new staff feeling valued and guided.
    I personally feel very little of both.......And so do my immediate peers.
    Senior rates please listen or you will be managing ghosts.........!
  12. Sounds like the same problem with the MTO branch badge, every time I ask about it I never get a straight answer.
  13. Dogwatch - I'm told you're now AWT
  14. Have you tried Ebay?
  15. Unless working with/attached to FPGRM then you wear the same rig as them dunkers.
  16. The RN Temp Memo is very open on when CS95 can be worn in my opinion. A good clause is this one:-

    Operational Training, Exercises and Adventurous Training in the land environment.

    On ranges i would say CS95's are to be worn as they are more durable and weatherproof

    On normal working day No4's. On board down to the skipper as stated in the RN Temp Memo
  17. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I get the impression that you thought I was trying to be facetious or clever in my post. Not so, I was merely enquiring why you needed them, I don't know what branch you are, but if a civil answer is beyond you, I'm sorry I mentioned it.
  18. I gave a civil answer; even said sorry for not being able to fully answer the question you posed........?
  19. The navy, having spent what must be tens of thousands of pounds over the last three years equipping the RNR with combats, have now decided that they don't like them?????

    Finally we get nice warm, waterproof clothing that is more comfortable than 4's and they decide we're not allowed to wear them????

    I know they want jack to look like jack but we haven't been issued with anything suitable to replace them (water proof/warm).

    No branch badges at CERES either, by the way!
  20. Yes we have. You can have as much waterproofing and layers with 4s as with CS95. Foulie jacket & overtrousers; wooly pulley; 4's with white tshirt. There is a new combats design in the works which will be too expensive to issue to those who don't really need them, hence the decision. I don't think you have a valid drip here. ;)

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