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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by fly_past, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. screws up in basic training -or cant march properly or whatever....

    Who sticks in your memory from basic training?

    You F***ing arsehole, get off my F*****g parade ground! he walks away, looks back after going round the corner. Met by "I can still f*****g see you!"

    Made me laugh. We then got beasted.

    Another was a guy who gave his rifle to be inspected, and had it chucked back at him- he sidestepped. "F*****G pick it up you w**ker! " yells the D.I, "why? you threw it!" Another few hours of PT followed that one!
  2. Marching's easy. :p Tick-tocking takes years of practice! :biggrin:
  3. The band has it easy they have the big drum. Boom Boom One two One two.

    It has to be that prat from Manchester.

    Right wheel and that soft shite goes left problem was he was up front, last seen heading West into the sunset.
  4. Late 1970s - RNSS HMS Pembroke. POSA Advancement course, of which I was but a part, was sent round twice by the Parade Commander because not one of us appeared to be in step with anyone else in the platoon.

    A shambles was one comment I heard, I can't say what the GI said though - but it probably wasn't polite !!

    We always blamed the bandies changing the march time when the Jennies marched off the parade.

    It's the left arm / left leg at the same time that gets me :lol:

  5. Got to love tick tocking lol

  6. PMSL , remember Pembroke well , :dwarf:
  7. I remember running as fast as I could around Ralegh parade ground with a 303 rifle held over my head at arms length - crying, with blood pouring out a cut down the length of my nose where the GI had slammed his cap on to my hat,

    yep I learned to march the hard way
  8. Look at my son with one leg,the only one in step.
  9. There was one lass in my entry, our drill instructors dubbed her 'swing ya arms barnes'.

    You were gauranteed to hear that phrase every single frigging day! But we did suffer a few extra bruises during MT week due to her 'non-swinging' arms :threaten:

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