There is a bus leaving from Bretonside.

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Apple_Catchers, Oct 30, 2011.

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  1. Can't be arsed!!
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  2. As it's the Mail my only comment would be, 'What a bunch of ugly bastards'.
  3. I know, it's been a while.
  4. I spelt de rigueur wrong therefore I was taking the piss out of myself.
  5. I don't think any of us do, but people turning up to trade anger with them is exactly what they want and will make the whole thing 7,000,000 times worse.

    IF this goes ahead, dignity in the face of what will only be a handful of idiots (note unlike the Wail I didn't prefix idiots with Muslim) is the better option.
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  6. You lead MLP and the sheep follow.
  7. SJRM led to be precise, but I don't see why one has to be a sheep to have a pop at a bigot. I haven't bothered as this particular bigot seems even more contemptible than most.
  8. Giuzzler, I am not talking about comments regarding bigots, it's the sudden upsurge in the use of graphics.
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  9. A picture paints a thousand words Finks.
  10. Better that than follow your lead and create sockpuppets you belmer.
  11. Indeed and this one in particular.

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  12. MLP, we all know that you are a wordsmith of renown but what the hell is a belmer'?
  13. Belmer

    Definition of BELMER

    : a person or persons showing a high degree of competence when acting like a monumental willy
    : a sockpuppeting senile Scots titbag for whom assisted suicide should be sought
    : willy
    See phallus defined for English-language learners ยป

    Origin of BELMER

    English, from UK Armed Forces, adaptation of Bellend
    First Known Use: circa 1999
  14. Thanks for that MLP, you really are a monumental source of information and that is reason enough for the grandees not to ban you.

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