There are worse things than death

Whilst it is horrific to see death of British servicemen everyday in the news What is not reported and well hidden is the worse thing than death, that to be maimed

For every horrific death displayed in the news it is not reported that when a bomb goes off and kills a British seviceman that a further seven or so are terrifically maimed, and they will have to live with this for the rest of their lives, along with their families and friends, with an income of a pittance

I am not making light of death, it is terminal, but for every death there are several servicemen who have to continue life blind, armless or legless who never appear as news,

It is hard enough making a living and supporting your family when you are fit and well, try doing it if you have no legs,

People eventually get over death of a loved one, but someone who is maimed, the family have to handle it everyday of their remaining lives and on limited incomes, now that the alpha male of the family can no longer provide

We no longer have Military hospitals, so they are chuked into a civilian hospital, and then told they can not wear their Military clothing as it may offend others

I find the lack of reporting this a disgrace, not reported incase it offends

Well I know what would make the most shocking headline, and it is not Tommy Smith died today, It is Billy, Jack, Fred, Tom, and Frazer were maimed today when a bomb was detonated, Tommy Smith was killed outright

Can you still pump oil from radiated land, I suppose you could drill a hole through the glass?

Jack McHammocklashing
Its a shameful disgrace really, ministers seem to be able to quote statistics at the drop of a hat when they want to..X amount of new nurses for this hospital...Y amount of new policemen for this service...Z amount of new teachers for that constituancy..But when it comes to injured service personnel itis a case know what I dont actually keep records of those statistics, yeah right they dont.

You never know though the next time there's a "good day to bury bad news" they might get slipped out underneath the radar.


War Hero
And not just the physically maimed (that's bad enough as it is) what about the mental? the 'shell shocked' for want of a better word - those who've seen too much and just about give up! Oh sh** sorry that's most of us, thrown away at end of job, not wanted anymore, lets con some more kids to do our dirty jobs! maim them and dump them! OKay, morning whinge over- but you all know what I mean
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