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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Dredd, Aug 1, 2014.

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  1. Is that the whole ships company or just the duty watch?
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  2. HMS Bangor is currently doing a grand job for us in Glasgow:

    Mark Shaw on board HMS Bangor 28 July 2014a med.jpg
    Commonwealth Games +100kg judo bronze medalist
    Lt Cdr Mark Shaw RN, an MCD officer, on board HMS Bangor

    HMS Bangor WPC rescue 24 July 2014 med.jpg
    HMS Bangor coming to the rescue
    of a WPC with a flat tyre

    BMX Rider Danny MacAskill on board HMS Bangor at Glasgow July 2014 med.jpg
    HMS Bangor hosting world-renowned
    BMX rider Danny MacAskill

    HMS Bangor alongside in Glasgow 21 July 2014 med.jpg
    Commonwealth Games Queen's Baton runner,
    Mary Clare Bancewicz,
    standing on the brow of HMS Bangor

    HMS Bangor on One Show 21 July 2014 med.jpg
    HMS Bangor's CO, Lt Cdr Michael Carter Quinn RN,
    being interviewed by the Beeb on The One Show

    Plus, of course, this:
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