There 'aint 'arf been some crabby bas**rds


War Hero
The Great Unwashed.
There used to be a term used in the RN of which very little is heard nowadays. That term is "crabby".
Now I realise that modern 21st century ships and submarines are much more geared up to
keeping their crews all clean and smelling nice, but there was a time when even though ships
and boats had showers, wash basins and Chinese Laundries - there was occasionally the
odd member of the Ships Company who...shall we say was a little "shower shy" or had a dislike
to soap, water, toothpaste, ironing, clean socks etc. Perhaps some of you may have shared a
Messdeck with such a creature?
As I was (for the most part), a sun dodging tramp....well Terms and Conditions apply, but I did once
have the misfortune to share a 4-man Mess with a four-eyed, ginger matelot who as far as I can
recall for his entire stay in my mess, hardly set foot in the fu**ing bathroom and absolutely never,
ever-ever changed the sheets or pillowcases on his pit until I threw it all out of the window of the
old Boscawen Block in Drake. He was always in the shit and eventually got hoofed outside which
was probably a good thing.
Can you remember any walking scran-bags with personal hygiene shortcomings then? Names
not required in order to protect the stinking, minging, idle, loafing, gopping, smelly, crabby fu**ers.
* * * * * *