Therapeutic Cider? As beneficial as eating apples?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Always_a_Civvy, Aug 28, 2006.

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  1. Yes, that is a great idea.

  2. Maybe

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  3. No, we would all be pissed

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  1. Scientists in Glasgow are examining whether drinking cider may offer the same health benefits as eating apples. The researchers have found that English cider apples have high levels of "phenolic antioxidants" - linked to protection against strokes and cancer.

    The next stage of the study, partly funded by the National Association of Cider Makers, is to analyse how humans absorb these chemicals from cider.

    Twelve volunteers have been recruited to take part in the tests.

    They will each drink a pint of cider, while avoiding all other dietary sources of antioxidants, and urine and blood samples will then be analysed.

    Serena Marks, who is leading the study, said: "Previous research suggests there may be an association between phenolics and protection against some serious diseases, so we are trying to find out how we get phenolics from our diet."

    Cider production

    The scientists have already found that some varieties of apples and some types of cider have higher levels of phenolics than others.

    Ms Marks said the production methods of cider could be adapted so that the phenolic levels remained high, even after fermentation.

    The research is part of a project funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) and the National Association of Cider Makers.

    Professor Nigel Brown, of the BBSRC, said: "This exciting research shows how scientists and industry can work together to improve manufacturing techniques, not just for economic gain, but to bring about potential health benefits for the public too."

  2. So now I have to drink cider as well as my daily bottle of red wine, whoopee!

  3. Im all for this sort of Research, if anyones watching im your man.
  4. MMMMMM ciderrrrrr :p
  5. 10 pints of Magners please :lol:
  6. I hope it mixes well with my weekly dose of Pussers :wink: :D

  7. So thats why im still alive!!!!!
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    There's a club at Chideok in Dorset whose members spend half their lives making cider, they spend the other half pissed out of their brains trying to decide which cider is the best for the year. Now thats a club worth getting into.
  9. Scrumpy, bloody good stuff. Could never remember anything from the night before after a night on that good `ol stuff :wink: :wink:

  10. Used to quaff the odd pint of Screech down the Market House Tavern in Gosport.
  11. being born un bred in somerset, I couldn't let this one pass without comment.

    I'm a scrumpy drinker myself, nothing below 7%, and if it happens to be able to strip wall paper well thats an added bonus in my book.

    Never had tonsillitis thats for sure!
  12. Welcome back WW, hope all is well with you.

  13. Nice to see you back Wompers! As a fellow West Country lad I agree totally. Father's side of family from Plymouth and Tolpuddle. I prefer scrumpy but am particularly partial to Sheppy's Gold Medal cider (dry), their scrumpy and apple brandy and I also like a pint of good perry. The only place I've managed to buy it draught is Leeds, though! :D

    Bliss is a pint of Sheppy's. I must admit though that I met Nutty on Friday and tasted a beaker full of Pussers Rum - on an empty stomach - yummy!!! I could get seriously hooked on the stuff :lol: :D

  14. So a Shot of Pussers, a Pint of Scotch, a Bottle of Red, A pint of old Bastard at the Mint in Exeter, Then a Gallon of Scrumpy in the Turks Head, Going to be fun tonite in old exeter town, hic hic hic.......Burrrrrp,
  15. Welcome onboard RR jewishscotsman! A pint of scotch? Ermmm... I stick to the malts myself.
  16. Just tried a little experimentttt, 3 Shots of Pussers, 3/4pint of Scrumpy, Shot of Glen Livet,

    Tastes like the bottom of a WRENS knickers, but gets you pissed a lot quicker, too many of these and were all gonna be confined to Barracks,Hic hic hic hic hic, Ralph raplh, oh my god,
    ohh thats better, ah time for another, like i said tastes like the bottom of a pair of WRENS Knickers, but dont 'alf get you rat-assed come on all you Royal's(matelots and army included)(excluding all you Rock Apes), Lets sink a tot or two.
  17. Used to play 5 as side with some lads from Matthew Clark/Gaymers..we used to be able to buy reject bottles of K cider at £6.50 for 25...whhooopee!!

    Broke my ankle on that stuff and didnt even realise until I came to the next morning...OOuch!

    Havent been able to touch cider since....Its satans piss!!
  18. Anyone remember pints of rock and roll in the star of the west at the top of union street? The Star of death was famous for it, 2 or 3 pints and you were fcuked up big time, enough to go into boobs or lils before midnight!!!!
  19. I could definately sink a few tots. My beard might regrow as lushous and bushy as it once was (long also) below... but probably not. (I'm the one: middle-row, dark bushy beard, askew buttons!).

  20. Picked my apples last weekend. I will be pulping and juicing them next weeked. Come the first call of the first cuckoo 2007 Fishmiester will be tucking into 'Bishops Grove' Cider (the name of my brew) @ hopefully 9%.

    BRING IT ON!!! :twisted: :twisted:

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