Then she opened her mouth..

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Sep 3, 2009.

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  1. All these really neat looking birds about lately but all is spolit by the simple act of opening their mouths and usually sticking a fag in it.

    Theres no fantasy left after that....or is there? :?
  2. I once met a completel stunning girl at uni - on approaching her, and enquiring her name she opened her mouth and.... she was a liverpudlian :( ;)

    Totally spoilt everything
  3. I concur with that being a wood destroyer, and Glaswegians.
  4. :roll: You Dipstick!!!!!!! She would have bought you a wet and taken you home for allnighters, You are obviously Officer material :? :?
  5. birds with a scouse or a welsh accent do it for me! :love:
  6. That's because being a cockernee, you can sympathise with the hideous accent affliction.
  7. Well I shagged a pretty fit girl from the valleys the other day, and the next day she rang me and we were having a bit of banter and i said something a bit chopsy to her and her reply was 'ha ha you cheeky cnut!'

    Now I use the word fairly frequently but it just doesn't seem right coming from a birds mouth. 8O
  8. There is nothing wrong with a Welsh accent, not that I really have one, but I must stick up for my country(wo)men all the same.
  9. Valley girls are always the most classiest of girls... 8O
  10. Thanks me old china, you've really opened me mince pies! :wink:
  11. Birds with a Welsh or Scouse accent do it for anyone :oops:
  12. I love my Welsh accent to be honest. Every time i've been over the border the birds always tell me they love the accent! :D
  13. Personally geordie or irish accents do it for me
  14. Nah, can't go wrong with a well spoken woman. Get me every time, even though they usually look a lot like the horses that they invariably ride at the weekends.

    South African, sorry 'Sif Afrikaan' as well, for some reason...
  15. A softly spoken Irish lilt, French chicks and home counties win every time.
  16. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I like any women that opens wide.
  17. Now why would that be,please enlighten a poor old scrout like myself :D
  18. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Its a seems your seadad rat never taught you about everything.
  19. All I require is reasonable looks, over 18 with a pulse.

    Everything else is just being picky 8O :roll: :wink:
  20. Oh I tried, but so many women, so little time :roll: :wink:

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