Themaadone arrives

Hello all,

a serving Soldier and a long time ARRSER (me n bee) travelled over to damper fields for a bit of variation and in the hope of finding some old n lost mates, muckers and pals.

I joined the Army in 1990 and became a sup spec in the RAOC, retraded to dvr rad op and ended up as a linguist for a while.

Left the army joined the DFS in JHQ left joined the German army, served in 262 Fallschirmjaeger regiment and went to Bosnia with them (better than any britfor tour I did) left and got called up for a tour in Kodsovo by the army (I think I forgot about my reserve liability).

Became a Paramedic in Germany until I rejoined in 2004..... What a nutjob lol

Well, I am here as well now :) :w00t:
:nemo: Welcome to the fish heads, Brown Type person it may take some time for us older folk to work out Army what various initials. WE are diverse bunch and slag each other off with regular monotony but all in good fun so do not take it to seriously.

I have viewed ARRSER but do not understand much of the tecky terms and feel I may be a bit too Liberal for the views that prevail over there.

We all have Techy terms - I learned a few from a load of pals, mates and not so good muckas I had who were ex cdo log regt.... and it is those I endeavour to find again :)

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