Them were the days!

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by pusser_uk, May 12, 2013.

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    But sadly, when I was there in 2007, the street was dead. :neutral:


    I am so pleased that I got to experience "The Gut" during my time in the Andrew!
  2. I had the fortune of hiding there from the shore patrol calling everyone back on board the day the twin towers were trashed.
  3. I had the fortune to be there when Malta gained it's independence in '64. Grand harbour was full of NATO warships....apart from the Germans.....they don't like the Germans. The Gut was full of NATO sailors, getting pissed and fighting each other.....mainly everyone fighting the Yanks....should've been a few Germans to even things out.....ah well !....them were the days.
  4. I remember going down there 65/66 time as a baby sailor on my first jolly(other than Gib).I was informed by the older hands that it was but a shadow of it's former self by that time.It was the first time in my life I been served tea in glass.
  5. My recollection of one of my last gut runs is being ashore with my MEA oppo when he was attacked by some marsovin pissed killick stoker, the tiff proceeded to give the stoker a bloody sound thrashing. Some weasel reported the whole incident and the killick stoker was dipped and sent over the wall and that was not the outcome anyone, apart from the weasel twat had wanted.
  6. Went there on mi hols a few years ago, cant believe we all crammed into the Barraka lift, it was like a hamster cage on a bit of string.
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