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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, May 18, 2011.

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  1. I seem to think that the Queen has been dragged everywhere some Rebel got shot.
    Kroke park? why would she be dragged there other than to be shown where rebels got shot.
    When the Irish premier comes here will he be taken around all the places the IRA murdered people in this country? I doubt it.
    How about we get the Germans over for about three or four years so we can show them where the bombs fell. The Italians could come and apologies for their bit and then we can have a go at the French for the Norman conquest.
    And if you want to tell me the French ain't Normans (room for a joke there) then I never shot anyone in 1920's Ireland.
    What a load of friggin chuff and bum fluid.
  2. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    You are Finknottle and I demand the return of those two rabbits wot you shot.
  3. We could get the Romans over to Bath..... the warranty's run out on their plumbing
  4. I doubt Finks would give a flying fuck about the Queen being embarrassed, but the whole of the visit seems to be centered around apologies and appeasement.
    She does not deserve it from a nation of potato yompers.
  5. What fuckin good is getting em back if the warrenty is up. Too late now.
  6. To be sure, to be sure !
  7. Well I think the vist of your Head of State to our little island is great, the Defence Forces are getting some great PR at the moment. It is a pity that the public are kept away from the Queen as she would be welcomed by the vast majority of people here.
    I am a little bit dissappointed with the amount of Paddy Bashing here and over on ARSE, I for one have little or no interest in Northern Ireland, most people in the Republic couldn't care less who owns it, but we must remember that the men and women who fought for Irish freedom deserve to be honoured.
    One man's freedom fighter is another man's rebel.
  8. Both my eldest's god parents are Southern Irish so I abdicate the title of paddy basher, and as I would not shoulder any culpability for slave trading, I would not expect the Queen to have to apologize for events that most were not alive to remember.
    When is the Irish premier coming to apologize for the deaths of Englishmen killed by the Irish during the English Civil War. And if anyone on here would expect them to they are dafter than a brush.
    Its history and in the past. I'm 61 years old and Ireland had been independent for three years when I was born.
    The Japanese murdered thousands of British soldiers but they have never said sorry nor will they.
    I couldn't expect this generation to anyway.
  9. To be sure.... to be sure....
  10. I dunno, I'm not sure at all.

  11. Aah but have they or will they ever say " Solly"???????????
  12. I am worst to get involved,one thing I will say is she is a fit lady for her age.
  13. On her return I hope this Great British nation salute and a show gratitude to the Queen, for this current visit, God Bless her
    She, and others, at least are trying to make changes
  14. Something similar over here a few years ago when the then Prime Minister appologised to the Aboriginal People for the stolen generation, a policy back in the 1950's where at risk children were removed from Aboriginal families to prevent institionalised abuse, so basically he was appologising for the 'sins' of a Government 50 years ago and at the time it was said the Queen should appologise to all Australians for her countries policy of transporting prisoners back in the late 1700's or Obama appologising to native Americans for what the Americans did to the Red Indians and their Buffalo...where does it end?
    Turns out the Aboriginies were looking for a shed load of compo for buying cheap shite beer (piss as they call it here)
  15. My dad was a prisoner of the Japs, taken in Burma. He was at first kept in a satellite camp of Changi jail, where the guards were in the main Sikh's and Koreans. They were notoriously cruel and sadistic and many a British serviceman learnt to hate them.
    The camp he was in was eventually closed and the inmates were sent to Surabaya and Java to be held there for the duration. The camps there were run by Japanese and Indonesian collaborators.
    I was raised in a home where Japanese goods of any description were outlawed. He hated the Japanese with a venom, but I never witnessed his hate directed against anyone or anything else. He was a man who was in all respects a gentle giant, in temperament and statue..
    But my point is he never expected an apology when all the press were beating on about it a few years ago, and he like thousands of Burma Star veterans simply lined the route of the Emperors entourage and turned their backs en-mass when the poisonous old scrote passed by.
    As security did not allow street lining in Ireland we will never truly know how the masses of Irish subjects feel as the press usually tell us how, or what, regardless of the truth.
    I know not or care even less if the Irish love/like her, she's our Queen and I feel with a fervor that she should not be expected to lay herself prostate (metaphorically) to anyone person or Nation. (Just Philip).
  16. The thing that people on your side of the pond don't seem to get is the IRA since 1969 were not the Irish army they wanted to over throw the Republic as well.The British army were the army of your state so your state is responsible for all acts of oppression against the Irish people.If the Irish Army did the same in the UK then I would expect our president to behave as your Queen did.
  17. And Chester (Deva) have you seen the state of their foundations?
  18. Believe me we all know who the IRA represent and what they want.
    As I stated before the actions of the British army right or wrong are not the doing of our Queen, or the present population of this Island.
    If you want an apology from who you see as the perpetrators of a crime you should engage the services of a medium.
    There are lots of countries that have done far worse to the nations under there control/influence, but they do not send heads of state to apologize for acts of history.
    The Spanish and French both engaged in war against Britain in days of yore, and as far as I am aware have not or been asked to undertake any acts of contrition.
    It seems to me that certain elements have contrived to humble the Royal family by the ill use of Politics, which the Queen does not involve herself in, either internally or abroad.
  19. Really? Admittedly in the pre Republic days some actions by British Army Units and Auxilliaries were reprehensible but so were the assasinations of policemen by such heroes of Ireland as Michael Collins and his cohorts, later betrayed and killed by his own side.
    Much like the Easter Rising in 1916 where the leader of the Volunteers, Eoin Macneill, for some reason countermanned the order for a general uprising and therefore doomed the Dublin IRA Units, very often the Irish peoples main enemy have been other Irishmen.
    Northern Ireland was and is a part of the United Kingdom and in 1969 Troops were sent in to protect Catholics who were under attack from Protestant/Loyalist mobs.
    The IRA saw an opportunity to exploit the situation and began it's campaign of violence. Violence acros the sectarian devide flared and became a tit for tat vendetta in most areas, with the odd big spectacular for promotion of the fund raising efforts in the US.
    I'd say that Mr Adams and McGinnis and their ilk share more than a little responsibility for the violence and deaths that occurred during the 'Troubles'.
    If the Guarda and the Irish Army weren't so fcuking useless and the Irish Government so pish weak they could have, with co-operation from British Security Forces destroyed the IRA in the Republic.
    But it was easier to put up with the gangsters, drug peddlers and scammers and tuck into the EU trough to create the myth that Eire was a model of the way ahead when in fact it was a blown egg that at the first crack imploded.

    Apologies seem to be the order of the day as long as you're an Anglo Saxon, I won't be holding my breath for apologies from the following.
    Barbary Coast pirates who regularly raided the West Coast of England and kidnapped and enslaved thousands, not to mention those captured at sea. (Seriously, read 'White Gold' by Giles Milton. Book Review: 'White Gold' by Giles Milton - On Line Opinion - 26/10/2004 .).....and as for the Romans, "What did they ever do for us, eh?".:laughing2:
  20. Faulty plumbing at "Bath" apparently.

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