Their coming to take it away ah ha.

Imagine there's no Ark Royal,
Its easy if you try,
They've fuck off all the carries,
We've nothing left to fly,
Imagine all the Wafus,
Breaking down to cry. Oh oh,

Imagine there's no skimmers,
It isn't hard to do,
There's nothing left to serve in,
They've scrapped all the bases too,
Imagine all the Navy, redundant from today, oh oh,
You may think I'm a throbber , but I'm not the only one,
Its all the fault of David Cameron,
To name but just one.

Imagine there's no money,
I wonder if you can,
They've stopped the children's benefit,
And gave it all to Pakistan,
Imagine all the liberals,
Sharing all your dosh,
You may think their all wankers,
And your not the only one,
Maybe some day we'll have explosives,
And blow all the fuckers into one.


Tune:-...Pub with no beer
Oh its lonesome whilst waiting for Raleigh to call,
Sitting there by the phone and not knowing fuck all,
But there's nowt guaranteed more to get up your tits,
Than to see on the telly the fleets got no ships.

The Admiral's waiting for the money to come,
He's been to the ministry all day on the bum,
Fox is exhausted and dead on his feet,
When Cameron tells him to sell off the fleet.

The Pakistani President is laughing like fuck,
He says the poor British are down on their luck,
Their floggin their Navy,
We're in for a treat,
If they can't pay us millions we'll just have their fleet.

They can give us Ark Royal, if they cannot pay,
It'll look pretty dapper tied up in Bombay,
We'll have a straw awning, and chickens down aft,
And invite David Cameron to rename our new craft.

We'll call it a name that will forever be known,
A name that will make it a ship of our own,
A name to tell how the ship came to our town,
We could call it the downfall,
Or the Gordon Brown.

Prince Philip is sober for the first time in his life,
Then he goes home cold sober to his darling wife,
When he walks in the palace Liz sees his defeat,
Then he breaks down and he tells her,
Call me Daves flogged the fleet.

It takes Liz a moment to take in what Phil said,
But it dawns on her and she says ,
I'll take off his head,
Its not his head said Phil I want on our walls,
The twats flogged the fleet so I want both his balls.

For its lonesome whilst waiting for Raleigh to call,
Its took about two years and still you've fuck all,
Ninjas redundant , and Super Mario's gone home,
RNBC's been flogged off to pay off a loan.

Edited ahead of the pedantics amongst us to say, yes Bombay (Mumbai) is not in Pakistan. :D
Forget about Bombay not being in Pakistan, forget about RNBC being BRNC, etc etc mere details for some pedantic wazzock to gloat over - Instead:

BZ to Rummers for this up-to-the-minute musical commentary on tomorrow's RN.
Ob la di ob la da.......

Cameron stuck the carriers in the market place,
Cleggy is the bastard we should brand,
Your a robin bastard straight across his head,
Or we could just call him thief and chop his hands.
Oh dear me the fleets gone, Oh dear me boys,
Oh my god how the fleets gone.

Cameron trunks poor Foxy in the dockyard store,
Pays him 20 dollars for his ring,
Nips back home for dinner with his darling Clegg,
Says he loves him and the bastards start to sing,
Oh dear me the fleets gone, yes its gone boys,
Oh dear how the fleets gone.

You'll have carriers in a couple of years, oh yes you might,
With a couple of planes landing on the deck,
Of Nicky and Davey, (Jones) ha ha ha ha.

We should drag the fuckers to the market place,
Nail em on a fuckin burning cross,
Chop of their heads and hang em up on tower bridge,
And I'm sure the country wouldn't feel the loss.
Oh dear me where's the fleet, where's the fleet boys,
Oh dear me wheres the fleet.

David says the carriers are real safe now,
Thinks the navy hasn't any brains,
You'll have carriers now yes its guaranteed,
But the problem is you won't get any planes.
Oh dear me wheres it gone wheres it gone boys
Oh dear me wheres it gone.

And if you want a gun, you cant because there gone. Brae.
I love the denim shorts on the outside look with the joggy bottoms look. It's a real statement to society and fashion in general. Is this guy possibly forming the next generation of fashion?
Leatherland_NJ said:
I love the denim shorts on the outside look with the joggy bottoms look. It's a real statement to society and fashion in general. Is this guy possibly forming the next generation of fashion?
Fashion? That leads me into song. 8O 8O :roll: :oops:

Dedicated follower of fashion.

They seek them here, they seek them there,
He scraps our ships, he doesn't care,
If we cannot stop him then the navy will be gone,
Cus he's a dedicated advocate of scrapping.

And when he does his little rounds,
In the dockyards of Naval towns,
Eagerly pursuing anything he thinks can go,
For he's a dedicated advocate of scrapping.

Oh yes he is, oh yes he is,
He thinks he is a star for us to look at,
And when he pulls his blue and yellow hoodie right down tight,
He's a dockyard chav and he just loves the scrapping.

Oh yes he is, oh yes he is,
The one thing that he loves is Pakistanis,
Sends them aid and us poor lot can grovel in the shit,
Cus he's a twat that thinks that aid is still in fashion.

And if he walked round London town,
I'm sure some sport would gun him down,
Everywhere the New age Peasant Army marches on,
They hate the dedicated advocate of scrappage.

Oh yes he is, oh yes he is,
His world is built round fairy tales and Eaton,
This pleasure seeking idiot is so detached from life ,
He's got no thoughts for us who he think just need lashin.

And when he's done all he's aspired,
The poor wee twat will be left tierd,
Meantime till we're 66 us fuckers must slog on,
Cus he's a cunt that really has not got compassion.

Oh yes he is, oh yes he is
He flits from cut to cut just like a butterfly,
One week he's in Yellow and the next in Tory blue,
He tries wearing whatsoever is in fashion.

They seek him here they seek him there,
The poor are robbed he sure don't care,
As long as the rich bankers that he's from all get their share,
He's brought the poor back now there's servants, ain't that smashin.
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