Theft of Image

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Nutty, Jul 27, 2006.

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  1. Blimey, thats pretty out of order!
  2. I know how you feel mate, the bleeders have done the same to me.
    They must have got it off my mum, look here.


    Should we sue?

  3. Nutty he is calling you Sue now!I believe the other character went by the name Daisy.
  4. Yep
    The caption reads, “ AB Daisy Adams in tropical rig on HMS Orpheus during the 1930`s, obviously making an effort to look his best for the cameraâ€

    One of my favorite pics from a book called “Submariners†by Keith Hall.

  5. As if I would, my Mum must have given it to them. I bet some Officer from the Media Resouces at the Admiralty sweet talked her. Told her I was the best looking submariner they had and they needed a good clean cut hero type picture to encourage others to go to the G-Spot and Rayleigh. Can't trust a Journo even in uniform.

  6. OK, I know this is only slightly press related, but I thought it was so funny I had to post it.
    If they had banned smoking instead of legalising homosexuality all those years ago we would still be listening to the wonderfull sounds of Roy Castle on his trumpet and Michael Barrymore would be in prison instead of making a comeback..
  7. But Nutty! What if you are in fact older than you think....
    I recently discovered that the RN thinks I am 10 months younger than I actually am, for some reason. All my life I thought my birthday was in February but the other week the CPO wren writer in the ship's office kindly corrected me and told me my birthday was actually in December, according to their records. I was happy to be set straight on when my birthday actually is (obviously the ship's office will know better than me).

    What if you, like me, are also wrong about when your birthday is, and are older than you thought. It would be quite forgiveable if you were, in fact, old enough to have been at Jutland or watched the Dreadnought being launched but simply could not remember it due to age. So don't worry about it or be offended at the publisher's insinuation about your age; you may be mistaken due to a clerical error. I was!
  8. The pertinent question surely should be:
    'Can Nutty claim royalties'


  9. Maus Blanco

    I do not want to claim Royalties cos I am a Repulican


    Did what you said phoned Somerset House and found out I am really 19. Bring on the little dollies they did not make em like that in the 1960's

  10. I'd be well chuffed if I went into Waterstones and seen myself stairing down from the shelves , bound to be in the best sellers for a few months as well :roll: :oops:
  11. I've seen your piccy Nutty on the RN Submarine Museum online shop site, I think inside the cover it reads at chapter seven: The Evolution of a Submariner: Ganges 1932 - Chatham 1946. You're a lot older that you look! To think that you're older than UA! All that extra work when you could have retired in 1982. Congratulations on just celebrating your 89th birthday! :lol: :roll:

    Don't worry about Royalties - as a Republican you can claim copyright fees instead - just have it written into the contract as such.

  12. I don't know what to be more shocked by, Nutty - that you're a republican (off with your head!) or that the use of a word whose etymological connection with monarchy ended 300 years ago offends you! I don't think the French or Americans have a problem with the word, just because it has "royal" in it!

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