Theft from MOD

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Apr 17, 2013.

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  1. Sorry, buts thats what the MOD gets when it down sizes its security force.

    At my place due to the MOD's re-categorisation of sites, patrolling no longer exists, dog sections have been closed. The Unions told them what the knock on effect would be and it looks like it has now come to light.

    Save a penny, lose a pound!!! Good ole MOD.
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  2. Tumble dryers...I have heard of people sneaking pens and paper clips out but that is summat else entirely!
  3. You don't know the half of it. Contractors had a industrial cement mixer nicked. A 20 foot privately owned launch was removed via a back gate. What has been reported is what the MoD has owned up to losing - bet the real figure is way higher.

    You would have to search every vehicle leaving a MOD site to totally eradicate theft. The priority is stopping bad things being brought in not bad people taking someone else's possessions out!
  4. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Night vision goggles eh? Blackrat, as our resident "Buffalo Bill", have you anything to say on this?
  5. Jeez that is crazy! My parents have always worked on an MOD base and never brought anything back from work except illnesses they have caught. Yeah you are right monitoring would be impossible, eurgh why people think they have a right to things really gets my goat.
  6. I bet when the next bank depository is robbed Plod will be looking a lot closer at the thefts of the NVG's.:pirat:
  7. Diving helmets were on that list, no wonder Froggers and Spid are coining it in, CD's always have more "alternative" sources of income than a 3 badge jack dusty :)
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  8. How can I re register my new Landrover, the log book wasn't in the dash, just some pussers chinagraphs
  9. A laptop is going missing from the Ministry of Defence every five days, ....:grin:
  10. And the odd promotion depending on the sensitivity Scouse!!!!!!!

    Me being cynical again!
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  11. Who keeps putting it back then? :-?

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  12. maybe Lord Lucan :neutral:....What security? MoD has 287 computers stolen (or lost) in last 18 months
  13. How much is the ammo Danny Nightingale robbed worth?
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  14. Ah son is it wrong to accidentally misplace that landrover tool kit and tumble drier :( damn...

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  15. The tea-leaves hide them under straw in the wheelbarrow. It may be an old trick but it works every time.
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  16. I remember in barracks, some chap came in through the gate in a white van saying he had come to repair the TV in the PO's Mess, he loaded the telly into his van and drove out never to be seen again, you have to admire the brass neck of it.
  17. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Yes. Yes i do.

    It was nothing to do with me. I have some PNVG's that were issued to me. I've never used them to spy on, or stalk women. Ever. They're just too bulky.

    I admit, however, to stealing a shed load of carrots from the cookhouse.
  18. Asking the MoD how many laptops it owns and their current location/charge would be an interesting question.
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  19. I ''ve got a pussers laptop. They go missing out of frustration when they get launched out of a hotel room. you would be so disappointed if you nicked one to find the most out of date slow processing piece of shit ever

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