The ZiskStov Petition 'Spam' in One Place

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by ZiskStov, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. Allright! im the sister of a Royal Marine serving over in Afghanistan and im having a mini campaign to get you lot better treatment. Im sure many of you know people who have come home from deployments traumatised both mentally and physically and it makes me sick to the stomach that they dont get the help and support they need.
    i know that there are also some pretty major issues about you being under-equipped and sent out in vehicles which leave you vulnerable and i feel you've been betrayed by our government.
    If you're up for kicking up some fuss over at number ten please visit the following link

    i want you to be given some proper support that you all deserve so if you feel the same get ur mates and families on it but please no jokers like the absolutely hilarious Ben Dover who felt it necessary to make a joke of it.cheers!!
  2. Re: channeling the exhuberance of youth

    Bloody Hell, not on this thread too! That's NINE so far all identical! I think ZiskStov's a WALT :evil:
  3. Quick public not to ZiskStov: Only post in one place please - random spamming of posts and boards will quickly result in a suspended account and this would have done if it didn't have a serious aspect.

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