'The Yomper' Comms Question

Asking on behalf of someone on a modelling forum -

"I've decided I'd like to tackle "The Yomper."

I've sourced almost everything I need, but I'm having a helluva time trying to accurately identify the Yomper's comms, the radio he's schlepping on his back, to which is attached the flag that makes the whole photo "An Iconic Photo."

I'm assuming it's a Clansman unit of some kind, maybe a PRC-344 (seems to be about the same size), but I just can't say for sure

Someone else thinks it's Clansman PRC 350. Can anyone give a definitive answer please?

(The full thread is here - http://www.onesixthwarriors.com/for...5045-looking-1-6-british-falklands-comms.html )
It's a UK-PRC 350. The 351 was full size manpack and 352's were 351's with
boosters attached (20Watts I think).

(I used to haul the bigger thing up on to the roof of a rather prominent building in
London when they played Total Nuclear Armageddon - to see if I could reach any
other soul on a devastated planet. It was a nice way to spend a summers day, but
horrible in winter.)
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