The Worst


War Hero
Two pigeons are in a cage on the roof of a chicago building, they have been living with each other for years. The one bird is good and pure the other is bad and sinfull. One morning the bad pigeon wakes up and notices his good friend the good pigeon limp and cold. He is very sadden by what has happened and about ten minutes later the owner of the cage come in and takes the lifeless bird out of it, and never returns.

The bad ass pigeon was so sadden by this that he commits suicide. On his way down to hell he stops satan and asks if he could say goodbye to his good friend the good pigeon, on the count he gonna spend eternity down here anyway, satan agrees and lets him go.

As he reaches heaven he comes across St. Peter and asks, "Im looking for my good friend the good pigeon"? St Peter looks at his list and say that there was no one there by that name. The bad pigeon asks if he could look around and St Peter agrees. The bad bird walks around every where, but has no luck, so he thinks to himself, "maybe he wasn't so good maybe he's down in purgatory"?

So he goes down there and the same thing happened. Now the bad bird is confused, but says **** it and goes to hell. As satan gives him a tour he notices a dark scary hall with what seemed to be door at the end of it and asks "whats that"?

Satan replies, "its the worst sinners of em all" the bad bird decides to pay his respects since he thought he was such a bad ass. He proceeds down the hall, as he reaches the door he notices there was a pigeon who looked just like his friend the good bird. As he got closer he noticed it was the good bird!

"What the heck are you doing down here? What could you have possibly have done to deserve this?"

The good bird says , "well, when it happened I died of an heart attack, it was very peacefull and I could feel my soul going off to heaven. I could see the pearly gates, and I could here the angels singing."

"Than how the **** did you get down here?", ask the bad bird.

The good pigeon replies, "Well I saw a white dove fly by and I said "NICE ASS"!!!, and it turned out to be the holy spirit!!"