The Worst Shipmate You Ever Served With

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by drewfester, Nov 17, 2008.

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  1. Dont know about anyone else but there has to be a worst. I currently in a flat standing by a new ship with a guy with OCD. I scared to touch anything and it really dragging me down. So much so my parents (Dad was high up as civil servant (spare the hissing) say they have never seen me so down.
    It V difficult in my flat, I regressing to drinking wine by the bottle, from the bottle, I had problems when marraige broke down 12 years ago, but fell i going down hill. Done 17 years so not a kid but this ruining my perfect draft
    Know how to cure it but just wonder how many others have had a nightmare of a shipmate
  2. Do a dirty protest.
  3. GOD!!! Do you want a murder on your hands????
    This mans a nightmare Never come across anything like it. Dirty Protest?? Would not work as he is a "Placing of Things" person, I darent move the TV remote!!
    Problem comes where he is actually a nice guy but I prisoner in the flat the Navy provides.
  4. Move house, job done.
  5. HIG
    Not as easy as it sounds when the Navy is paying the rent!!!
  6. Then do unto others as thay do unto you.

    Can`t believe that I`m getting involved in this.
  7. Stay Pissed, Get your own Telly, and go out and spend your lodgers...Naw the Navy's paying... Request a new flat, say he smells or something.

    Tell him you want to Clean your guns, as the voices in your head are telling you they need cleaning. He should come round to your way of thinking
  8. Spent 6 months on security at Culdrose in the 80's. Our watch was on Stby week (Basically a week off). The day and night shift both had two people ill, so the stby shift was utillised. Our watch had a weekend camping in Newquay organised, so two of had to miss out and stay behind. Myself and another lost out. To cut a long story short, both day a night shift sh*t on the "new guys" and pi**ed us about. When we finally did our final night stint we were allowed to get our heads down.
    About 2 hours into our hard earned sleep, we were woken by the Chief of the watch. Our fellow watchmen (8 of them) had been arested and were to be held in the guardroom cells. Guess which two muppets had to do the cell sentry duties.
    They all got away with a slap wrist, we did 36 hours on watch, and did they take the p*ss during their time in the cells.

    Funny now!!
  9. If the Navy is paying the rent then go see them and tell them the situation. You are as entitled to quality of life as anyone else and since you are dealing in service there should be a reasonably quick solution at hand.

    If you don't then the Navy is likely to have two problems on its books - the second being you when you get treated for alcoholism. Seriously mate, talk to your DO, XO, anyone with half a brain.

  10. Go and see your DO shippers
  11. True, but PINCH's idea looked more fun.
  12. tell em he looked at you in the shower and then scratched his nuts
  13. Or even better - looked at you in the shower and scratched your nuts.

    Though would that matter now?
  14. Mid 90's at Culdrose. Shared a mess with this guy, then shared a house with him. That's where i realised he was a prize p(r)ick!!! On the camp he was fine, but once we moved out his attitude changed, and talk about being an arrogant cnut..!

    I moved out after a while, and then sometime later i heard that he'd fcuked so many people off, someone fired a shotgun through his car boot, He had to move back onto the camp after that, for his own safety.

    Drewfester,you could always put a mask on and threaten the twat with some violent facial arranging.
  15. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    'kin 45 ratings, eh?


    Back in the day, when I was standing by HMS Bicep (Muscle-class cruiser) we had to share an outside toilet with twenty other dabbers. We had to break the ice in the bog to dhobey our faces and the killick of the mess was beef.

    You don't know you've lived, son. It was even worse on the Unbelievable (Exag-class flat-top)

    *opens tin of McKewons*

  16. I know how the OP feels. I, too, am currently sharing a flat with someone not of my choosing. He is perhaps the untidiest slob I have ever had the misfortune to meet. I constantly have to clean the place, and tidy up after him - he thinks he contributes to the cleaning effort by not dirtying a glass when he drinks his nightly bottles of wine, but then leaves his empties lying around the place. I'm not surprised his wife left him, and he has trouble meeting women. I do kinda feel sorry for him, though, as he always seems to be trying to seek approval from his dad (who he claims is some bigwig civil serpent - yeah, right!) but without much luck.

    Still, not as bad as the spineless twat who, about a dozen years ago or so decided to 'scare' me by shooting my car. Didn't even have the balls to confront me mano-a-mano. I had a fair idea who was responsible, but took the moral high ground and moved back on board away from the childish tits I was living amongst.
  17. PMSL. Brilliant, but why is OP scared of a dictionary?
  18. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Just get shitfaced!!!!!! :rofl:
  19. Is he bigger than you, Drewfester?


    Show him the error of his ways, then.

    (Mind you, he could come in handy for Skipper's Rounds, though. He could do the whole ship by himself.)
  20. This guy wouldn't happen to be a communicator by chance? If so, I know him and you have my deepest sympathy. Crap in his socks! :)

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