the worlds most famous shirtlifter!


War Hero
Show how bored we are at the local boozer but to get away from the election some asked who was the most famous bender that has ever been.
This quickly turned into a raffle for the Help 4 Heroes charity.
30 of us put in a fiver to nominate a famous chutney ferret and a local university professor will announce the winner next week,proceeds to the above.
I was trying to chose between Alexander the Great,Tchaikovsky,Julius Caesar or Shaka Amazulu.
In the end I went for Alexander and I'll win.
Someone at the end of the bar said Danny LaRue but he was on his fifth/seventh? Magners.
Have I missed any famous ones?James Dean and Rock Hudson are out.
Bit childish but it will raise £150 quid for the troops.
By the way the professor is of that ilk so should know.
Got this from Wikipedia (is that allowed... :D

'It is plausible that the earliest gay icon was Saint Sebastian. The combination of his strong, shirtless physique, the symbolism of the arrows penetrating his body, and the look on his face of rapturous pain have intrigued artists both gay and straight for centuries, and began the first explicitly gay cult in the 19th century'

Now the more excitable among you...take deep breaths.....chill and put a away the birch twigs for another day.... 8)


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