The worlds an ******** and England is right up it.

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by NotmeChief, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. Did you know that England holds more records than any other place in the world? trouble is those records are for crime and taxes.

    75% (watch my lips) seventy five percent of our pay is taken in taxes.

    God, what did we do to deserve this.
  2. How did you arrive at this figure?
  3. Elect Tony Blair as Priminister???
  4. It's not exact but came from one of the papers a while ago.

    It includes taxes collected on pay, NI, vat, insurance, (inc health and life ins), petrol, gas, water, electricity (I bet a lot didn't know they pay vat on their gas and elec), council tax, tv license and all the other things plus the 109 stealth taxes introduced during the ****** period.

    As pay has been held down and inflation is up then it is probably even more now.
  5. Totally agree with JD - Tony Blair started the rot although I don't know if I agree with NMC's figures ... I will admit I wouldn't know how to start with working it out but if you assume that most people are paying basic rate tax at 22% then of course we have Fat Gord to thank for all the stealth taxes he has brought in .. like Fuel Duty, Higher Stamp Duty, even paying the local council over and above the council tax to cart the gash away.

    In the end it's all down to a typical Labour Govt. Spend Spend Spend .. then tax everyone to the hilt to keep them in the manner to what they have become accustomed to.
  6. Only stupid idiots pay taxes (including me) Under successive governments the differential between the worker and the shirker has not just been eroded it has actually moved so that shirkers are better off than workers.
  7. And 10% national insurance so that make 32% before you even get your pay.
  8. Daktari, what is the govt. spending the money on? It's definitely not for the good of the country. :whew:
  9. Fair comment! Then those in receipt of a pensh and are trying to hold job down to make ends meet because of Fat Gords over-taxing are paying 40%!
  10. Always did make wonder how those with more kids than the national average and no job always got house in some big posh council house and given handouts! Bet these are the sods who voted the B£$stards in!!!

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